BEAST RB that no one knows about

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Parcells4Life, Nov 3, 2013.

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    James Baker from Idaho. 6-2 220 lb back from Idaho averages 4.1 a carry. He doesn't see as much time Bc the Vandals have to play a lot of guarantee games Bc they're independent and playing from behind.

    He could be a 4th round steal.
  2. tm1119

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    I'm not going to pretend like I know anything about this kid, but that 4.1 YPC is extremely mediocre for college. Unless he runs an impressive 40 time I'd go out on a limb and say that 4th round grade is pretty unrealistic.
  3. dart

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    Where's he going to run ? we need a O line first

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    I've seen him play a few times. I'm not all that impressed but I guess we'll see.

    I'll tell you what though, there is a kid here at UNM named Kasey Carrier who might be interesting.

    He needs to get bigger but he's got a little something to him.

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