Beer...why do we drink it?

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by BigDGarciaFan, Jul 21, 2013.

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    outdoor American football seasons(NFL and NCAA FBS) are getting near. people gather at a family home, apartment or bar, zooming their eyes on the tube to see the best teams in football go face to face. most people don't feel that's not enough to excite them, so what do they add to that experience?.......


    what is it about beer that really attract people? why do we need beer? to prove we're the most machoist people in America? aren't there other forms of activity or snacks that make us enjoy watching sporting events. whats wrong with water or tea? has Beer always been our Religion? I see America's machismo and machismonette(Macho Lady) wearing hats and shirts of their favorite beer brands(Bud Light, Miller, XX, etc), like if they're considered them as their imaginary pro team more than their real favorite sports team.

    im just saying theres more to life than beer. meaning....

    * theres watching sporting events in a wise way(meaning watch every home team's game on TV or in person(its ok to miss the game if theres a good reason)).

    *but there also keeping up with world events(politics, weather, environment).

    *and theres also family.

    im not saying to offend the beer drinking people of the world, well actually to most people for one real reason......

    cans or bottle r being thrown away in the trash can instead of the "Recycle Bin" why do you think they put that triangle logo on the cans and bottles. to remind us all that they must be recycled.
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    Well, for one you can wear no T-Shirt in the stands when it's freezing cold outside. I have no idea, because drinking beer and watching sports is always a good time. I'm not a very big drinker myself (I probably drink about once a month or less) but it's definitely a good time. Personally, I don't drink as much because it isn't very healthy.
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    I think most people drink beer for the same reason I smoke herb. It makes them feel good.

    You act like the average person cannot enjoy football without beer, when in reality they enjoy it very much. They also enjoy drinking beer, so they just go hand in hand, and they don't detract from one another. Enjoyment + Enjoyment = Enjoyment.

    You say there's more to life than beer, then list things, but provide no argument as to why beer cannot be enjoyed on top of those things. Nor any argument as to why your first example is "wise". You don't really list any negatives to your beer assessment, but you compare it with things that you obviously feel are positive, putting beer drinking into a negative light. Can you not do those 3 things and still enjoy drinking beer and watching sports? Can you not watch sports wisely (whatever that means, you gave no reasoning) and drink beer? I guess I don't really understand the point of this post.

    I'm not offended by it, mind you, it just comes off as a weird thing to post. Almost like waving your finger at people, but not saying why.

    For the record, I don't really drink. But I do find this thread interesting.
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    B'cuz people are alcoholics. It's in the blood line of 100% of all families. There is not one single person in the USA who's family hasn't been touched by an alcoholic or alcoholism. Sporting events are nothing but an opportunity for the brewing companies to teach and tell people when to drink. If the brewing companies and distilleries started running commercials telling people to wake up at 4AM and get drunk, people would start doing it.

    People have problems with alcohol.
  5. RastaRocket

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    That's a bit extreme I would say. There are plenty of people who drink and go to sporting events without being alcoholics. They are also not brainwashed by Bud Light commercials. Sporting events are simply a good time to drink alcohol. Drinking and social events go hand in hand in many cultures and it just so happens sports are a social event.
  6. Teren_Kanan

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    It's also not a problem with beer companies, it's a problem with our culture, and it goes much deeper than beer. Rampant consumerism, sort of our thing.
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    A better thread would be why do men wear Neckties with their suits? A long fabric hanging down from their neck. What is it for? What purpose does it hold? I myself never understood the need for it or why it was created.

    At least beer is a stimulant for the brain. I get that.
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    I would approve of such a thread.
  9. Teren_Kanan

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    I would just go with business suits in general. They aren't comfortable, and there's no practical reason to wear the extra clothing/pieces of a suit.
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    Well, isn't it obvious? To punish the liver. :D
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    As someone mentioned, they do not have to go hand in hand and are not dependent on each other. And not too be offensive, but you wouldn't get it if you don't drink beer (your opinion sounds like mine before I started enjoying beer).

    Again that's not a shot at you. There is nothing inherently noble about drinking beer and it's not a club that should make you feel like an outsider-- if you live a beer-less life, more power to ya!

    But in an effort to help you understand, I'll summarize man's history with beer by stating that there is not much else man has a longer history with. It was a substitute when clean water wasn't available. It was nutrition (and still is... Can't remember specifically, but there are monks that fast for something like 30 days, only drinking beer for sustenance), and later on in early America, it was actually viewed as more of a casual drink when someone didn't want hard liquor or water since soda had yet to be invented.

    Without getting into the countless different beers to experience and admire, I'll sum beer up like this:

    It's social lubricant that liberates us from our inhibitions that can either bring us closer together or tear us apart. And in sports it helps some lose themselves in passion for their team and leave the worries of the week behind, if only for a few hours.
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    "I don't always dink beer, and when I'm not I don't act like a little girl about it" --the most interesting man in the world.
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    Beer solidifies bonds between men of all walks of life. Beer is good
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    bottled water drinkers can be just as environmentally irresponsible as beer drinkers. You know what bugs me more than non recycling drunkards? The rampant misuse of the english language.:mad:
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    Well, if nobody else will say it...

    ...I like to be drunk lol
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    Is this thread for real? :)
    I was saying the same thing until my wife confronted me. Now sober for a few months :) Not sure if you are serious though. :)
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    I don't drink much any longer but still nice ice cold beer at the beach or after working up a sweat still taste good.
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    Just to piss off people who have problems with people who drink beer.
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  19. Future

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    I was half serious I guess haha
  20. jimnabby

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