Before you say we draft poorly

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by XxTDxX, Nov 18, 2013.

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    I have made a list of all the players in the NFC East who were drafted from 2010-2013 who are either starters or important role players on their respective teams. I did this purely because I was curious but what I found was pretty encouraging/surprising.

    Players who I consider to be Impact/Well above average players are in bold

    I also included a list of notable "Busts" (Either 1st or 2nd rd picks who are not with the team or are not notable contributors to the team

    New York Giants:
    Jason Pierre Paul - Starter
    Linval Joseph - Starter
    Prince Amukamara - Starter
    Jaicquan Williams - Starter
    Jerrell Jernigan
    David Wilson - Starter
    Rueben Randle - Starter
    Justin Pugh - Starter
    Demontre Moore

    Notable Busts: Marvin Austin,

    Philadelphia Eagles:
    Riley Cooper - Starter
    Clay Harbor
    Alex Henery - Starter
    Fletcher Cox - Starter
    Brandon Boykin - Starter
    Mychal Kendricks - Starter
    Vinny Curry
    Nick Foles - Starter
    Bryce Brown
    Lane Johnson - Starter
    Bennie Logan
    Earl Wolff - Starter

    Notable Busts: Brandon Graham, Nate Allen, Danny Watkins, Jaiquawn Jarrett

    Washington Redskins:
    Trent Williams - Starter
    Perry Riley - Starter
    Ryan Kerrigan - Starter
    Leonard Hankerson
    Roy Helu
    Dejon Gomes
    Aldrick Robinson
    Robert Griffin III - Starter
    Alfred Morris - Starter
    Jordan Reed - Starter
    David Amerson - Starter

    Notable Busts: Jarvis Jenkins

    Dallas Cowboys:
    Dez Bryant - Starter
    Sean Lee - Starter
    Tyron Smith - Starter
    Bruce Carter - Starter
    Demarco Murray - Starter
    Dwayne Harris
    Morris Claiborne - Starter
    Tyrone Crawford
    James Hanna
    Travis Frederick - Starter
    Terrance Williams - Starter
    JJ Wilcox - Starter

    Notable Busts: None

    Final Results are

    Giants: 9 Total, 6 Starters, 1 Well above average player , 1 Bust

    Eagles: 12 Total, 8 Starters, 0 Well above average players, 4 Busts

    Redskins: 11 Total, 7 Starters, 4 Well above average players, 1 Bust

    Cowboys: 12 Total, 8 Starters, 3 Well above average players, 0 Busts

    In my opinion the Cowboys have arguably had the best drafting in the NFC East since 2010. One could certainly make an argument for the Redskins but that also hinges on what becomes of RG3.. I listed him in bold because of last year but the way things are going I'm not sure that will stay that way..

    This also doesn't include undrafted contributors since 2010 which I am quite certain we have the most of (Barry Church, Dan Bailey, Lance Dunbar, Ronald Leary)

    The Cowboys DO have the best Talent in the NFC East and have the best young talent as well.. It's time that translates but as long as you keep losing every close game with a good opponent it will be difficult. I don't want a coaching change because of all that comes along with (Change of staff, Philosophy, a lot of Personell changes) etc.. But If Garrett can't get us at least to the playoffs this year I think he needs to go.. He has what he needs to work with and even though the Defense has been a major let down the offense has SEVERELY UNDERACHIEVED.. That falls on him.
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    Nice breakdown of the entire division as a whole.
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    Just noticed that you have the cowboys down for 8 starters but I counted nine on your list.

    As for RG3-N-Out. Considering they used 3 first round picks on him, he needs to play like the second coming of Montana. It would be perfect if they end up with a top 5 pick this year that they won't get to use.
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    Nice work. But all seems reasonably close. But I can see where you say Cowboys look to have drafted best. Eagles possibly is up there, except for the 4 bust you have.
    It would be interesting to see the rest of the NFL. I would bet Dallas is in the top half easily.
    Other teams only draft better on this forum opinions over Dallas, and Dallas always suck at it, but in reality, it's about the same as other teams. Yes some teams will draft better, some worse, but it's a cycle.
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    Lots of injured players on the Cowboys list.
  6. XxTDxX

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    You're right. Should be 9
  7. links18

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    Seems like an indictment of the coaching staff more than anything else. Why aren't they getting more out these guys?
  8. XxTDxX

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    Been a lot of injuries defensively but yes a lot of underachieving around here..
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    Dont think little Danny wont take that into account.....
  10. theSHOW

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    Nothing new here. Most of us see that Jerry and Company have been doing their homework in the war room. It takes another year or two and these young players will become
  11. mahoneybill

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    Marty B could be a case where we didnt get the most out of him while he was here.

    To me his blocking was a valuable asset when compared to Hanna.
  12. Coy

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    Nice post, this is where I think Jerry never gets any credit, he' the GM, if we kill him when he makes bad decisions, let's give him credit when he deserves it.
    This also goes against everybody that defends Garrett saying we have the worst talent in the league, they say we are not winning because of talent not because Garrett is an awful HC, this chart says otherwise and I agree.
  13. theSHOW

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    It is fun to pick at JerryDooDoo but as of late he has assembled a decent scouting team and with Garrett has made the right choices remember he was in cap hell in 2011 and has done well. Still don't like JG as a leader on the field.
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    With all that talent, we have 27 wins since 2010.

    Giants have 32

    Redskins have 24

    Eagles have 28 (they have 1 extra game this year than the rest of the NFC East)
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    Excellent post I would like to see the later rounds as well
  16. Coy

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    Than means they beat us at coaching :)
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  17. Chris in Arizona

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    I'm not sure what to think about him other than he's injury prone but some consider Mo a bust. I'm on the fence I guess.
  19. Dodger12

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    And no Pro Bowl players either. Zero. Zilch. Nada.
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    Interesting list and thanks for taking the time to do that......But I don't no what that means for Dallas. So many young guys are starting due to injuries and there seems to be a lack of talent on this team.

    What does it mean when the Cowboys are playing their draft picks, is it because of talent? Choice? or next man up? or stuck in Salary Cap He**. I enjoy watching the young guns play, but don't know if they can match up to the Seahawks, 49ers, and other Superbowl Caliber teams.....maybe its the reason they are 8-8 every year, what do I no...LOL

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