Before you say we draft poorly

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by XxTDxX, Nov 18, 2013.

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    We are just gonna disagree. You see it as replacing players with free agents, I see it as wasting numerous resources on the same position that's still terrible as a result of another terrible draft decision. If the mike Jenkins senerio was an single event I'd be inclined to agree with you. But this has been the case far to often with numerous positions over the last 6 years.
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    I don't know how you believe Lee makes it with what you posted. He sucks in the passing game for 5 games, is out injured for a few more and he'll improve the final 1/3 of the season. Just doesn't work that way.
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    wish the team was as solid.
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    Who cares about the pro bowl?
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    It's a good civil discusssion. At least give it some thought.

    It's all about the new CBA and how it affects cap management. Immediate contributions by draft picks has become more important while long term success of draft picks has become less important. The exception is for franchise type players, primarily QBs, that never hit free agency.

    In my research, the only other position where a quallity player rarely if ever hits free agency is Center. The Frederick pick was much more valuable than most people realize.

    The lack of great production by Claiborne is much more significant to the 2013 team than the bad picks from 2009, IMO.
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    We DO draft horrible:Dez, Tyron, and Frederick are great picks. Lee and Murray hurt us more than they help us. If you can't depend on someone, and know they are eventually going to let you down, then I'd rather have someone else. Even with less talent, as long as they are dependable...Mo is a BUST so far, I hate the word potential. Carter is very inconsistent. Why are we talking about Crawford, Hannah, and WIlcox....Laughable....I like Harris and Williams, they contribute more than most on our team.....Why leave out Webb, Randle, Escobar, Wilbur, Johnson, Coale, McSurdy, Arkin, Thomas, Chapas, Nagy, AOA, Young,Wall, and the great Sean Lissemore. That's at lease 10-11 wasted draft picks. I'm still holding hope for Wilcox, and Webb. Randle is too slow, and Escobar is uhhhhhhh, I go blank...You can't win or be a contender in this league with that many wasted picks. We draft way too much on "potential" and upside, other than depth, strength, and football IQ.
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    Lol @ someone who said lee was horrible first 5 games he looked great . Carter and sims have looked horrible . Don't go and pull up those stupid Pro Football Weekley stats those guys are full of it .
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    F jones
    M bennet
    J jones

    All garbage
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    Except for Escobar, where you're obviously leaping to a premature conclusion, also all old garbage, and outside the purview of the discussion.
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    While I agree that players need to start contributing a lot sooner these days, I don’t agree with your assessment that we’re not hurt by the 2008, 2009 drafts.

    Most of the difference makers on your team should come from the first and second round picks (I would also include your 3rd but that’s debatable).

    The average player should reach his prime (in terms of physical ability and experience) around the end of his first contract and all being well maintain it for 3+ years.

    So taking Mike Jenkins as an example, he should have hit is prime by 2012, the year we drafted Claiborne and should be a mainstay of the defense now.

    Instead he’s gone and we spent a first and second on Claiborne and he’s not giving us much either.

    So we’ve spent two firsts and a second on players that haven’t helped this team in the last four games.

    That hurts and what’s more it’s not the only example you could find in the last 10 or more years.
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    He wasn't horrible overall -- he was BAD against the pass up through about the Denver game.

    He eventually worked out his pass assignments in the Kiffin 4-3 and has been very good as a pass defender ever since.
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    Believe me, i understand what your saying. My point is not solely based on jenkins, rather the fact we keep using high picks on the same positions and the players we draft in these positions tend to suck. Thats an indication of bad multiple awful draft decisions.
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    Even ppl who dont know football very well can hit on their 1st and 2nd round draft choices every year. They should be quite obvious picks. The real good GMs find players in rounds 3-7 and UFAs. Sad part is we dont even hit with some of our 2nd round picks. :/
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    Romo to Austin for 7..................................UFA to UFA
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    Sean Payton, fellow EIU alum. Bill Parcells Jersey guy.
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    yep ... we got lucky and found 2 UFAs since 1996. Yipee.
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    A .500 win/loss record for the past 13 years is not good evidence of drafting well. As I pointed out before, who cares if your draft picks are starters if they can't play football. The point is moot
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    add another 2013 starter Barry Church. Hmmm 3 starters name another team with three UFA starters
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    Is that a joke? You do watch other football teams, right?

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