Beginning of the decline for Ware?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by wick, Dec 3, 2012.

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    Saying he disappears and that he sucks are two different things imo.
    I wouldn't say he's entirely a victim of that, just like Witten, he's been a major part of that core that hasn't gotten the job done.
  2. rickjameschinaclub

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    You can simply tell by the way Ware's thumbs point inward 'naturally', that he's got really tight pecs, which leads to rounded forward shoulders. These type of issues lead to aggravation of neck injuries, because the upper back muscles lengthen and weaken. Pay attention next time you see Demarcus, how his thumbs are rolled inwards. As well as his 'raised' shoulders. It's a classic sign...

    I don't even know why they don't see such a basic issue, especially considering the neck stinger happens so often. I think the Cowboys training department has got to be pretty pathetic.
  3. The Quest for Six

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    I'd trade Ware in the the offseason, he's a very good player, just not a difference maker anymore and he's not doubled team that much..other than the first play of the game last night, you really didn't hear anything from him the rest of the game....and when you need a big play from him to stop a drive, you never hear his name

    Another mistake was signing Ratliff to an extension, he's another player I would of moved in the offseason but with that new extension, pretty much untradeable now and at his age and the injuries mounting, not worth the money Jerry is paying him..
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    He is probably more injured now at this time of the season then he has been in his entire career. The stingers are a real factor; and his hamstring and groin are both iffy right now.

    The fact that he still does as much as he is doing is remarkable and a tribute to his determination.
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    Sigh. Only at the Zone.

    Still rueing Witten's decline?
  6. Reality

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    I still have fond memories of the "Witten on the decline" threads from the first few weeks of the season. Good times .. good times .. :D

  7. Everson24

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    If he can't beat the pathetic RT playing LT King Dunlap for a sack with a rookie QB holding the ball a bit too long at times, then I do believe he is hurt or has declined more quickly than anyone I have ever seen not named Doug Free. Victor Butler came in and blew right by Dunlap for a sack. I do seem to remember that Harvey Martin's decline happened rather quickly too.
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    Agreed. You really seem to know what youre talking about.
  9. cowboyeric8

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    :laugh2: Awesome
  10. ShiningStar

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    i dont think fans will be happy until players are changed every 2 years, OMG hes 26 retire buddy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ware is not in decline, hes double teamed a lot, chipped, and at times the refs dont call the holding.

    I cant believe the Cowboys have this good of a player and fans hate it.
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    48 tackles, 10 sacks, 4 forced fumbles, and 1 fumble recovery, despite playing with various injuries and getting virtually no help.......
  12. cowboyeric8

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    Shhh, haven't you heard he is declining?
  13. 1fisher

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    He's madly in love with Jerry..... mentions him in almost every post! :D
  14. burmafrd

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    too many madden fanatics in this thread.
  15. AbeBeta

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    As a board, I wish we had a rule that required anyone posting about contracts to take a short course on understanding them.

    Ware has three years left on his deal. It would cost about 3 mill to cut him next year (as opposed to the cost of keeping him). In 2014 we'd save about 10 mill to cut him.

    That doesn't look like a bad extension to me. Not at all.
  16. Joshmil53

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    I'm not sure what it is, but Ware disappears so much against the worst olines. Seattle, CLE (Somewhat besides Thomas), Philly x2, NYG, x2, Redskins, CHI
  17. Zimmy Lives

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    I'm not sure what is it is but he seems to play to the level of his competition. Goose G. refers to it as the overall lack of urgency. I agree.

    O how I wish Playmaker and Haley were on this team.
  18. Shinywalrus

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    I happen to think that Ware is still either the best or second best pass rusher in the NFL, and I suspect he will be for the next few years, so your "you people" line is way out of line. The board doesn't have to be "us vs. them", so why try to make it that way?

    I just think you're wrong about last night, that's all. Sure, 94 has to do more with Carter and Lee out, but it was clear to me that Ware didn't watch enough tape to determine the correct angles and lines to take on Bryce Brown. He overcommitted to the pass rush on a couple occasions and did a poor job shedding blocks in general. The notion that he was sucked in and then got multi-blocked on several plays doesn't match up with what I saw - sure, that happened once or twice but in most cases he simply took himself out of the play. Add to that that his tackling was poor in a couple cases and we end up with an uncharacteristically bad performance.

    This was NOT a case of Ware getting double- and triple-teamed more than usual because of a lack of other threats. That is NOT what happened last night.
  19. TheCoolFan

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    He is definitely declining but still a great player. It's to be expected...a 30 year old can't play with the same motor/explosion as he once did at 25. You're seeing the youngsters like Von Miller and Aldon Smith take over, it's their time now.

    But no disrespect on Ware, he can still be a team's #1 pass rusher but just needs some help on the DLine.
  20. Idgit

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    The one horrifying downside of moderating is participating in the gameday threads, something I'd always avoided previously.

    One of the upsides of that horror, though, is getting to see where some of this 'stuff' comes from in the days after a game. I used to scratch my head and wonder where posters would get these ideas, and how so many of them seemed to be so happily in the same wrong leaky boat. And how they could not notice it's a silly place for them to end up. Now it makes sense, at least.

    So many of these strange subplots come about because of overreaction in those threads to a play or two, and you'd never be able to guess which play caused it if you hadn't been in the game threads to see it happen. This thread, for example, I'll wager is 100% caused by Ware going vertical in crunch time and missing out on a critical sack. After that play, no less than 6 posters unleashed on Ware and we were off to the races. I noted it at the time and was going to make gentle fun of it, and then another great play happened, and I decided not to ruin the vibe. But it's interesting to see it crop back up after the fact as if that missed tackle is a sign that the guy's great career is coming to an end.

    Retirement? Seriously? Retirement? The guy's 30 and on a torrid first-ballot HoF pace. He's not retiring after next season under any circumstances not directly related to his long-term health. I can't believe, seriously, I can't believe it's even a topic for discussion. I don't mean serious discussion, I just can't believe it's a topic for any sort of discussion.

    It's kind of affirming, when you look t it the right way, the lengths fans will go to when they're unsatisfied. It literally doesn't matter what they're talking about or what evidence to the contrary is piled up against an argument; if they're unhappy, they'll say they believe literally anything in order to vent and to be the first to say something they think nobody else might have 'noticed.' It's really impressive in an anti-intellectual groupthink sort of way.

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