Bejesus, quit freaking whining about the media!

Discussion in 'Rant Zone' started by Sam I Am, Jan 9, 2017.

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    What the hell is up with everyone crying about the media and what they are saying? It's sickening listening / reading to that crap.

    It's literally leading sheep to the slaughter. They do it to set all the Cowboys fans off. (clearly there are more Cowboys fans than any other team) You guys are sheep, quit allowing them to lead you into the slaughter house. Ignore them and they will be forced to come up with "real" news.

    We need a forum setup just for them and then I should be able to completely block that forum from showing up on the board / new posts link.
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    Good lordy....THIS

    Dallas is the FAVORITE to win, people.
    Some of the media just saw Green Bay play yesterday (and look good while doing it) so some of them are liking it.
    Give it a week of further review and you watch how many will be taking Dallas by Sunday morning. Again, deeper thinkers (the numbers guys) already have Dallas favored by 4.

    And really, who cares what the media thinks.
    Dallas can whoop Green Bay's arse with or with or without their permission.:muttley:
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    I don't listen to sports media because I don't want to hear all the negativity (this isn't my first season as a Cowboys fan. :thumbup:) I certainly don't want to come here and read what I'm purposely trying to miss.
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    I don't care about conspiracy theories. I don't care what Skip Bayless said. I only care about injury news, transactions, practice updates, draft analysis, and the games. I don't even care about other teams. Haven't watched a non-Cowboys/non-Super Bowl game in years.
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    I think previous attempts in the playoffs are giving fans flashbacks (07/09/14) when this team doesn't resemble any of the other three that made it; maybe a little '14. One thing I want from the team is to enter to "Win the game regardless" as opposed to letting the game come to them ('14). Go down swinging if you're going to play at all and have faith that the young cockiness (good kind) is rubbing off on the team via Zeke, Dak, and Dez. Love their confidence this early in their careers as it isn't the false bravado you tend to see with most rookies.
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    I feel as if the good Lord is beaming sunshine right down on my soul -- two years ago, I moved away from Philadelphia and no longer have to listen to Howard Eskin, or any other Eagles crybaby, berate my Cowboys.

    There will always be haters. And haters will do what they do best. Living well is the best revenge.
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    Amen. Good Post
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