Belicheat accused of tampering and *gasp* denies allegations

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by Extreme, Oct 3, 2008.

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    Bill Belichick, from the hit film Spygate, accused of breaking rules again. Naturally the flaming pile of dung denies the accusations. What a shocker.

    Belichick denies tampering accusation

    Associated Press

    FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- Patriots coach Bill Belichick denied Wednesday the claim by Raiders owner Al Davis that New England had a workout with Randy Moss before obtaining him in a trade with Oakland.
    Davis said Tuesday that the Patriots had tampered with Moss before the deal in April 2007 that brought the wide receiver to the Patriots for a fourth-round choice that year on the weekend of the NFL draft.

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    Ordinarily I wouldn't put it past Belicheck -- but honestly -- Al Davis accused ME of tampering with Randy Moss just last week ;)

    Really -- Davis is completely nuts. He's lost the little bit of sanity he had...
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    I didn't know he ever had any :p:

    With Belichick though, anything accusing him of cheating will be widely believed. He set himself up.
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    I'd be willing to believe this if the accusation had come from any owner other than Al Davis. Al Davis is the last person on Earth I'd ever give credit to for being on the ball, with anything, and so in this case I will believe the Cheater.

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