Ben Jones C Georgia (Give me your opinion)

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by garyv, Jan 12, 2012.

  1. garyv

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    Ben Jones C Georgia (Your opinion and what Round you think he'll go

    2011: Rimington Trophy Finalist.
    * and Yahoo Sports All-American and Phil Steele Fourth Team All-American.
    *Second Team All-SEC by Associated Press, Phil Steele and SEC Coaches.
    *Named the team's overall captain.
    *Recipient of the team's Vince Dooley Most Valuable Player of the Year Award, one of two players to receive the Leon Farmer Award for dedication to strength & conditioning and one of three offensive players to be named a Coaches Leadership Award winner.
    *Started all 13 games.
    *SEC Offensive Lineman of the Week following 45-7 victory over No. 24 Auburn where the Bulldogs had 528 total yards including 304 rushing with two tailbacks going over 100 yards.
    *SEC Offensive Lineman of the Week following win over New Mexico St. where the Bulldogs accumulated 627 yards and 63 points.
    *Named to Phil Steele's mid-season All-SEC Second Team.
    *Selected to watch lists for the Outland Trophy, Rimington Trophy and Lombardi Trophy.
    *Named to inaugural Pony Express Award watch list as a tandem with teammate Cordy Glenn.
    *Named the nation's seventh-best center in preseason by Lindy's and tabbed Birmingham News' "next" most underrated player in the SEC.
    *Named preseason All-SEC Second Team by Athlon Sports, Phil Steele, SEC Coaches and SEC Media.
    *Earned team's True Grit Award for offense at conclusion of spring practice.
    *Recipient of the Richard Young Football Scholarship.
  2. Doomsday101

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    Would be a good 3rd round pickup.
  3. Gaede

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    I'm interested in people's opinions as well.

    Center is one of our biggest needs that people seem to bypass.
  4. jnday

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    I like him less than Konz , but more than Brewster . He could be a good value pick in the third .
  5. Doomsday101

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    A kid I like if Cowboys look later rd for Center would be Philip Blake out of Baylor. Would be a very good pickup in the 5th rd.
  6. Joe Rod

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    Interestingly enough, if there is a weakness in his game, it is his pass protection. I actually have my Georgia Bulldogs t-shirt on right now (gag gift from my in-laws), so I feel I can talk freely about him.

    He is an excellent run blocker from what I have seen, but struggled when the Bulldogs had to go one dimensional and play from behind, passing the football on every down. I am talking specifically about Boise and LSU. He allowed way too much pressure against Boise in particular.

    I personally think he will be good at the NFL level on a run first team like the Ravens or Jags, but would end up being just an average player in a pass first team like Dallas. Having said that, "average" would be an upgrade compared to 2011. so it depends on what you are looking for.

    Just my opinion.

    Oh, I would expect him to get picked up anywhere from late second to mid-third when all is said and done.
  7. TheCount

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    I like him, but need to watch more of him. For some reason though, I think the Phil Costa experiment will continue.
  8. SDogo

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    In the same boat but Doomsday brought up a good name.

    Blake has more upside then Jones and in the long run will be a better NFL offensive lineman. If your looking for someone to fill a need right now you have to get Konz, Jones or Brewster. If you want a stud in 2 or 3 years you go for Blake.

    ABQCOWBOY Moderator Staff Member

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    There are going to be several quality Centers available in FA this year. For us, the plan might be to get one of those guys short term and try to develop a younger guy. Costa may not be the answer, I don't know but the guy was not a Center coming out of college. He was a Guard so it's tough to know where his development should be at right now.
  10. Biggems

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    I do not like Costa....I do like Killer though.

    I would like to either get a quality vet via FA or draft a young prospect to compete with Killer.
  11. jnday

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    I really overlooked Blake when watching Baylor this year . I'm going to do some research on him . Seems like he may have the most value at the position .
  12. Bigdog

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    Just curious, why would think that? I was just wondering because I did not watch any of his games. I was just wondering if you had some inside info (scouts' views). Thanks.
  13. burmafrd

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    No to Konz. with our luck the kid gets sick again
  14. Blue Eyed Devil

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    Anyone got scouting tape on him?
  15. Muhast

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    I'm a Georgia fan, I actually like him quite a bit. He is highly decorated and played pretty well against all of the SEC defenses. He isn't a wow player who dominates defenders, but is pretty good technique wise. I don't really know who to compare him to as OL isn't my forte.

    I think he'd be a good a 3rd round pick for us.

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