Bentley to Browns: 6 years, $36 million, $12 SB

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by Silverstar, Mar 11, 2006.

  1. Silverstar

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    By Adam Schefter
    NFL Analyst

    New Orleans center LeCharles Bentley agreed to terms with Cleveland -- 6 years, $36 million, with a $12 million signing bonus.

    Highest paid center in NFL history?


    Sorry, if this is a repost.
  2. Woods

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    At least the Eagles didn't sign him . . . .
  3. yesfan

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    Lol,that has to be driving the Eagle fans nuts.
  4. Dayton Cowboy

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    I didn't see it.. I had gone out for most of the late morning/early afternoon.. I thought he was reported to have already signed with Philly?

    The Brownies also have agreed in principle to terms with Kevin Shaffer from the Falcons
  5. Chuck 54

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    Just goes to show you that most guys in FA sign wherever the money is...period.
  6. DezBRomo9

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    It is more than we paid Flo and pretty darn close to what we paid for LA....about 10 years down the road I would bet there is gonna be comparisions...Bentley is just entering his prime.
  7. AbeBeta

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    far too much for a center. especially for a team that has a center.
  8. burmafrd

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    with the way the salary cap is supposed to climb over the next few years, for one of the top centers in the game, 26 years old, that is probably not that bad a deal.
  9. MichaelWinicki

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    It sure as hell isn't a good deal from the Brown's perspective.
  10. burmafrd

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    Crennel is a pretty sharp guy- I doubt he thinks so.
  11. InmanRoshi

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    I guess Reuben Droughns is going to run for 2500 yards next year with Bentley singlehandedly caving in entire defensive fronts with his greatness.
  12. SA_Gunslinger

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    my thoughts exactly.


    no one wants to play there.
  13. SouthernStar

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    That's right. There IS no team loyalty anymore. Those who think there is are just fooling themselves.

    Free Agency has become ...."shuffling chairs around"

    The players get the $$$, and the owners pay it. No team gains very much.

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