Best Football Video Game Only $19.99!

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by Ken, Jun 22, 2004.

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    SAN RAFAEL, CA-June 22, 2004- ESPN Videogames confirmed today that the critically acclaimed ESPN NFL 2K5 will be available at the attractive retail price of $19.99. This compelling price point is one part of an aggressive marketing strategy that has been implemented since the announcement of a sales and distribution relationship between Take-Two Interactive Software and Sega Corporation for ESPN Videogames.

    “For years, our fans and critics have been heralding our title as the ultimate football experience,” said Greg Thomas, President of Visual Concepts - makers of ESPN Videogames. “We’ve pulled out every stop to make this the best, most feature-rich NFL title on the market. In fact, we’re even offering the deepest online experience this year. Now, consumers score by getting the best game at an unbeatable price.”

    Winner of numerous awards at E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) 2004, including 's Best Sports Game award, ESPN NFL 2K5 continues the 2K series’ tradition of innovation and quality gameplay by introducing groundbreaking new features. The V.I.P. System™ (Virtual Identity Profile) allows players to keep track of a human opponent’s behavior, then save and re-load the behavior, allowing true competitive play at any time. Maximum Tackle™ gives gamers an unparalleled level of control from both sides of the field, from dishing out big hits as the defense, to slipping out of tackles for extra yardage as the ball carrier. Authentic ESPN Presentation elements include ESPN’s Chris Berman and Suzy Kolber, stylized on-screen graphics, ESPN’s exclusive Skycam™ and a full franchise show featuring ESPN personalities Mel Kiper, Jr. and Trey Wingo. ESPN Videogames delivers the new standard in online play consisting of competitive tournaments, deep online statistics and multiplayer leagues - all offered at no additional cost to the consumer.

    ESPN NFL 2K5 and other ESPN Videogames titles are produced by Visual Concepts, SEGA’s sports studio. For more information, log on to[/code]
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    That is some good news. I was going to get both anyway but this should be more of an incentive for those who are sitting on the fence. As I stated numerous times here, ESPN Football has surpassed the mighty Madden hopefully more will partake in its greatness at its new price point.

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    Well the thing is this isn't the best football game out. Madden is alot better and will always be the king of NFL football games. BUT since it's a good price i will most likely buy it just to take up space on my game rack. :p
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    I'll probably get Madden as well (my cousin has been a designer/programmer for Madden since he graduated from UT in the mid 90's). Last year ESPN was hands down more fun to play and looked better to boot.

    I know this is a little off topic but do any of you guys play EA's NCAA Football series? That game is like crack. I pick it up and can't put it down.
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    Pound for pound EA's NCAA Football is the best football game on any level.

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