Best Free Agent signings ever: #2 Deion

Discussion in 'History Zone' started by CrazyCowboy, Mar 13, 2006.

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    After one of his longer stints in baseball, Sanders signed with the 49ers in 1994, became the NFL Defensive Player of the Year and helped San Francisco win Super Bowl XXIX. The following season the talented cornerback and return man signed with the Cowboys and helped them win Super Bowl XXX. Later in his career, Sanders was a disappointment in Washington and Baltimore, but his achievements in Dallas and San Francisco speak for themselves.
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    If Jerry had made staying out of baseball a stipulation of his contract then it would have been a much better deal for the money. Sanders could have been great for a long time but he chose to throw away his talent with that Nitwit Baseball career. I never liked the fact that we had to deal with that for the moeny we were paying him. And it was baseball injuries that caused him to lose his effectiveness.
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    We would not have made and won the Superbowl in 1995 without Deion, he was a major factor in the dominant defense of 1996, he carried the defense in 1997, and he made at least one game-changing play every week in 1998 until he injured his toe. He was still our best corner in 1999, the last year he played for us. Where was he weak? He was one of the greatest Cowboys I've seen, despite anyone's prejudices.
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    I agree. Best pure cover corner to play the game.

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    Only one person has the potential to impact a team like Deion this season in free agnecy, he may or may not live up to it, but I'm telling you TO is a gamebreaker and everybody knows it, sure its a gamble but Jerry and BP aren't getting any younger and honestly our team has a window of a couple of years, just do it, get TO and get the kicker from NE, they might not work out but then again fans remember Charles Hailey, they said he wouldn't work either, you don't get to the top without risk, besides as I approach 50 you ralize how truly short life is, get er done, just give BP a shot man, he can still coach, but he needs the talent to do so..
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    If he would have tackled he could have been the best cb period. I hated his huggy bear crap and the hot dogging even worse.
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    No doubt Deion was not a big hitter but I also agree with what Deion said many times and what I saw and that is he brought his man down when he did have to make a tackle. No bone crushing hits but the WR was put on the ground none the less. As for the show boating I could live without it but I will say going to training camp every year Dallas was in Austin, Deion was very helpful to younger players in the secondary at camp
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    lol at deion not being the best because he didnt tackle well.i to this day want somebody to show me where he missed an insane amount of tackles.:rolleyes:

    deion=THE GOAT. Best to ever do it.

    and he showboated because he was an entertainer.sorry he could'nt toss the ball to the ref like barry sanders.zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    put it like this.ask jerry rice who was the best cb ever.CASE CLOSED.
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    Deion's insane contract was one of the reasons why we declined so badly. We had no money to sign other FA's who would have been able to step in when the starters started going down.

    By the time we finished our last Super Bowl, we had NO depth behind our starters. Heck, Deion was our starting WR. That's pathetic.

    Deion was a bane as well as a boon. We would have won the Super Bowl without him. We may have one more more without him.
  10. Doomsday101

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    Because that was not the case there is no way of knowing if Dallas would have won the SB without Deion. He was here and we did win the SB that is a fact. As for the contract I agree we spent a lot of money on him but we also spent a lot of money on guys who would not be playing much longer and ended up paying for them 2 to 3 years after they were gone and that hurt just as much.
  11. Yeagermeister

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    Deions idea of a tackle was to either grab him and hold him up until help arrived or push him out of bounds. It's not that he couldn't tackle...he didn't want to tackle.
  12. ConcordCowboy

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    Deion was a Great signing...Wish we had him now in his Prime...Loved the Guy!

    Owens is Next!:D

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    I watched tha last Superbowl Season the Cowboys had and I'll tell you right now, no way in hell the COWBOYS win without DEON.
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    He shut down the WR who played his side of the field in the 1995-1996 playoffs, ran a hand off 30+ yards for a TD to break open the Philadelphia game, caught a 47 yard pass in a Superbowl where field position was critical, and forced bad throws towards Larry Brown that resulted in picks in both the NFC Championship game and the Superbowl.

    For most of his career he tackled well, too, but had some embarassing moments in the 1999 season where he was hurt and couldn't tackle well. He also played the media, calling tackles "business decisions" to pump up his image as a scoundrel, but check out the 1994-1995 Superbowl and watch who's the last line of defense vs. Natrone Means-- it's Primetime.

    The media invented the RIDICULOUS term "cover corner" (guarantee you never heard that silly term before the mid-1990's) because they needed to find something to be critical of Deion over since so many people hated him. IMO, Deion fed their take with the "business decision" comment so he could continue to work with the press and not be combative like Michael Irvin had become.
  15. AbeBeta

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    I can't believe anyone actually has hate for Deion. Tackling wasn't his thing -- so what. Would you rather have a corner who tackles or one who completely shuts down his receiver?
  16. CrazyCowboy

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    2/3 of the earth is covered by water, and the other 1/3 is covered by Prime Time!
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    man i tried to figure that out so many why hate him?ok he was cocky and backed it up.SO WHAT?:rolleyes:

    he is the only athlete whos book i read and that book was damn good too.

    :bow: all hail deion sanders.yep
  18. ravidubey

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    People hated him immediately and Deion capitalized on that from the beginning. At the draft, saying Detroit would have to put him on "layaway" while covered in ridiculous gold chains and dark sunglasses-- that was the start of the image. He had probably never looked like that before any day of his life.

    That image brought him fame and money and also drew the ire of the old-school, character police type fans. But that hate worked for him. People who disliked a team he played for would transfer much of that hatred or dislike to him instead. That hatred coupled with his own ability made him famous.

    When people would see the Falcons and later the 49ers, and Cowboys they'd think of Deion Sanders. It was so bad in San Francisco that the whole defense felt they got no respect for their championship season and had Jerry Rice cursing expletives in front of TV cameras.
  19. stilltheguru

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    lol at the jewelry and was funny and a great business move.

    *sees all these cornerbacks getting big paychecks*

    give some of that to deion.

    only thing i dont like about deion which is'nt really his fault is that he spawned a bunch of good cbs to think they are the next deion.mainly that lame deanglo hall.:rolleyes:
  20. lkelly

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    Dallas declined so badly because they could not draft. That's why there was no depth. Let me refresh your memory.

    1 Sherman Williams RB Alabama
    2 Kendell Watkins TE Mississippi State
    3 Shane Hannah G Michigan State
    4 Charlie Williams DB Bowling Green
    5 Eric Bjornson WR Washington
    6 Alundis Brice DB Mississippi
    7 Linc Harden LB Oklahoma State
    8 Edward Hervey WR USC
    9 Dana Howard LB Illinois
    10 Oscar Sturgis DE North Carolina

    1 Kavika Pittman DE McNeese State
    2 Randall Godfrey LB Georgia
    3 Clay Shiver C Florida State
    4 Stepfret Williams WR N.E. Louisiana
    5 Mike Ulufale DT Brigham Young
    6 Kenneth McDaniel G Norfolk State
    7 Alan Campos LB Louisville
    8 Wendell Davis DB Oklahoma
    9 Ryan Wood RB Arizona State

    1 David LaFleur TE Louisiana State
    2 Dexter Coakley DB Appalachian State
    3 Steve Scifres G Wyoming
    4 Kenny Wheaton DB Oregon
    5 Antonio Anderson DT Syracuse
    6 Macey Brooks WR James Madison
    7 Nicky Sualua RB Ohio State
    8 Lee Vaughn DB Wyoming

    1 Greg Ellis DE North Carolina
    2 Flozell Adams T Michigan State
    3 Michael Myers DT Alabama
    4 Darren Hambrick LB South Carolina
    5 Oliver Ross T Iowa State
    6 Izell Reese DB Alabama-Birmingham
    7 Tarik Smith RB California
    8 Antonio Fleming G Georgia
    9 Rodrick Monroe TE Cincinnati

    1 Ebenezer Ekuban DE North Carolina
    2 Solomon Page T West Virginia
    3 Dat Nguyen LB Texas A&M
    4 Wane McGarity WR Texas
    5 Hundens Zellner DE Fort Valley State
    6 MarTay Jenkins WR Nebraska-Omaha
    7 Mike Lucky TE Arizona
    8 Kelvin Garmon G Baylor

    1 Dwayne Goodrich DB Tennessee
    2 Kareem Larrimore DB West Texas A&M
    3 Michael Wiley RB Ohio State
    4 Mario Edwards DB Florida State
    5 Orantes Grant LB Georgia

    1 Quincy Carter QB Georgia
    2 Tony Dixon DB Alabama
    3 Willie Blade DT Mississippi State
    4 Markus Steele LB USC
    5 Matt Lehr G Virginia Tech
    6 Daleroy Stewart DT Southern Mississippi
    7 Colston Weatherington DE Central Missouri State
    8 John Nix DT Southern Mississippi

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