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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Galian Beast, Sep 2, 2013.

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    The Bernadeau Livings experiment is over. Even if Bernadeau starts this year, which so for it looks like he won't be, both of these players will be gone next year.

    This puts the onus on the front office to address the situation. Even if Free and Parnell play well, we will be drafting an offensive linemen early next year, most likely a guard.

    If you can get one of the top guards or tackles in the draft, combine them with Smith, Leary, Frederick, Free/Parnell, you might have something here with our offensive line finally.

    If Leary can return and play as expected this year, I don't even think we'll be all that bad this year.
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  2. JoeyBoy718

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    I agree that the Bernadeau/Livings experiment is over, but I don't agree that we'll definitely draft a top guard or tackle early in next year's draft. We spent 1st round picks on Smith and Frederick in the past three years. We gave a big bonus to a UDFA and one of Jerry's pet cats in Leary last year, and it seems that it may have paid off. If Leary is successful, Jerry will be satisfied with LT-LG-C. We gave Free a huge contract, then we got him to agree to a pay cut, now we've moved him to RG. It's obvious that we want Free in our long term plans. If we is successful at RG, they won't be looking to replace him. Last, that leaves us with Parnell. It's obvious that we're intrigued by him and want him to succeed. If he has a solid season, they definitely won't be drafting his replacement early next year. The ONLY way we spend an early pick on an OLman next year is if 1) Leary doesn't pan out or can't stay healthy, 2) Free is a complete bust at RG, or 3) It's evident that Parnell isn't an NFL caliber player.
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    Yeah, I guess my problem is the people here who seem to want them to fail.

    Our OL is alot of young guys now, and I for one, hope they come together and gel without us having to spend alot of resources again (2 1st rounders in 3 years is alot of resources). What we need to be thinking about next year is our Betty White of a DL and our lack of talent at safety.

    Our DL is desperate for the youth (Hayden...really), and if you have to keep 6 safeties that means you don't have 2 that are any good. Yet thread after thread is about putting more resources into the OL, ignoring the rest of the team. Rather be optimistic, and if Free and Parnell can actually do something then we can concentrate on other issues on this team for a change. I feel alot more confident in them than I am in our safeties or DL depth.....and with pass rusher being a premium position, you can write down our first rounder being a pass rusher next year cause its a huge need thats hard to find.
  5. ehcrossing

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    I know its just preseason but I get so excited when Romo can step up and deliver a pass in the pocket. I love the Fredrick pick.
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  6. Galian Beast

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    I don't think anyone wants them to fail, rather they recognize that they aren't any good. Most of us gave them a chance, even though weren't happy. We gave the front office the benefit of the doubt, and it came back to bite us pretty badly.

    As I said before, even if Leary works out, we will still be in the position of needing to address guard or tackle, simply from the standpoint that we need a huge influx of depth let alone the fact that Doug Free will be on the last year of his contract next year. Rather than wait until after Free or Parnell have gone away and then being forced to start a rookie, we should get a rookie and let them come in a compete with Free or Parnell, depending on what position we draft, be it guard or tackle. Most quality offensive lines have a sixth man, who can come in and start in case a starter is injured, we don't even have five quality starters at this point. We have two that we think we can count on for sure.

    Defensive line is a huge issue going into next year, this is true, but that doesn't mean we don't still need to address the offensive line. Who knows what Marinelli can do with the guys that we have now. Who was Henry Melton in 2010? Just a 4th round draft pick with 2.5 sacks. Hell maybe we resign Hatcher, maybe Bass develops, and then there is always Crawford, who will be coming back from IR. Defensive line isn't nearly as dire as people would make it out to be, at least not yet. We'll know a lot more there at the end of the season. Offensive line on the other hand has been a consistent issue.

    As for having six safeties, you as well as many others are conflating the issue there. We don't have six safeties. We have four safeties and two special teams players specialists that happen to be "safeties". It has nothing to do with the safety position on defense.

    Will Allen is a stop-gap veteran. Barry Church is a starter. They want Wilcox to be a starter at some point, but he isn't ready for that yet. They also liked the potential that they saw in Jeff Heath, but even then he is predominantly likely to be a special teams player.

    Wilcox could very well be the starter by week 8. And if that is the case Allen is probably gone next year, unless he comes in at a minimum rate. Even then they would probably like to bring Matt Johnson along if he can stay healthy.

    Are any of these players going to be pro bowlers? Probably not, but we don't need them to be. The defense is actually altogether in a pretty good position to have a serious impact.

    PJTHEDOORS Well-Known Member

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    With this being Spencer's last year and Ratliff injury history, Dallas takes DL before OL next draft.
  8. gdogg24

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    I think we'll address the line next draft with early picks for now let's just hope that the scotch tape holds
  9. rwalters31

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    Look, it's really simple. When your OL has limitations at talent you tend to play around those weakness. If you can only run left you become predictable, if you can only protect the passer on the left, them the defense knows you will be rolling to your left. When you have very good talented OL across the front your options are many and hard for a defense to plan against. Red Zone becomes much better. It all starts with the OL, the end.
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  10. hlh_8728

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    I expect a mid level FA signing and most of our draft resources being spent on DL. Ratliff and Hatcher could both be gone next year and who knows if we will work something out long term with Spencer or not. We are already thin at DL and we're going to lose a few guys there in the offseason
  11. CopenhagenCowboy

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    1) not unlikely, 2) not unlikely, or 3) not unlikely.

    Let's see how it all pans out.
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  12. MichaelWinicki

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    The pass protection left and right during the preseason was very good from the starting unit.
  13. Deep_Freeze

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    Problem is the same 'what if' game can be played with the OL when you start bringing up Bass and such on the DL. We don't know how good Leary, Parnell, Fred, or Tyron will be on the OL and they are actually starters (and what if Free is actually a better guard than tackle). We have no young guys starting on the DL at all, and to say they don't need more help is just walking around like Stevie Wonder.

    As much as some would like to pour all of our resources into one position group, it always comes down to the team has alot of needs everywhere and it just isn't possible to make the team successful by just concentrating on one group. We will have to get lucky with a guy like Parnell, Bass, or whatever safety.

    Well at least on offense you can gameplan around your weaknesses....on defense the opposition will go right at every weakness you have so you can't hide them as well as you can on offense. If we are weak in one area on D it will get attacked week after week, and while you say running left is predictable, they still have to stop it. On D, they will attack that weakness, and you can do nothing about it.

    There are alot more to a football team than just the OL, sorry.....the end.
  14. onlyonenow

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    You talk about a lot of resources used on the O line the last 3 years but you carefully leave out the fact that we KNEW we had to replace all 5 starters in the next couple of years.

    5 Starters
    3 picks- one of them a small school player that would need at least 2 years if not more getting stronger. Certainly not someone to be counted on for sure.

    even if all of them had hit that was not enough. Even with Free.

    And of course you have to figure AT LEAST 50% of your picks are not going to be what you hoped. Even the top 2 rds.

    So no they did not use enough draft resources in the last 3 years. They could have tried some more 5th rd picks and lower and probably could have gotten at least one hit there.

    The Oline was the OBVIOUS weakness; and was going to be for several years. By 2010 this was so obvious that somehow Jerry and company thought they could still scrimp on draft choices-why?

    What they should have done was make sure that each draft had a 5th or so draft pick for development on the O line. That would have given us 3 more prospects. With Leary showing up guess what? They would have had a very good chance of having their 5 starters. Only Free had developed and by the 2010 draft that was not certainly a sure thing. And then his troubles in 2011 and 2012 should have made them realize that counting on him was a big risk.
  15. the playmaker

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    3 "If's"....too much
    Leary: I pray for his health but his injury history scared me
    Free at G???? I don't beleve that work in a season or more
    Parnell at RT??...dear Romo, be scared of this side of the line
    I'll be happy if all of this "if's", disprove me
    ...and Fred is a rookie and he would make tipical rookie's mistake
  16. iceman117

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    I agree with almost every word, I do however expect to see a mid rounder added as a backup
  17. iceman117

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    Parnell is going to be ok at RT with a high upside, playing him is the right move, Free also is fine at G... Leary's injuries scare me too but having Berny as his back really isn't all that bad
  18. AmberBeer

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    Good post. It is as simple as this.
  19. riverside4

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    No worries we have 5 - 7th round picks in the next 2 years we can use on guards.
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  20. Risen Star

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    Exactly right.

    It's very frustrating to hear our GM talk about being Romo friendly all these years while having him play behind such shoddy protection.

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