Best steal you got?

Discussion in 'Fantasy Sports Zone' started by TheKey, Nov 18, 2005.

  1. TheKey

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    I had to make a package deal in the 7th round to pick up bledsoe, ended up having to give up crayton and whoever the other guy wanted with my 11th but it was worth it. Bledsoe in the 7th? Thats crazy.
  2. Jerruh

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    I traded Julius Jones straight up for LT and picked Jones back up as a free agent last week.
  3. SkinsandTerps

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    Rackers in the last round of the draft.
  4. dargonking999

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    dude that wasnt a steal, man you robbed him and then you stabbed him in the back:D:D
  5. Yeagermeister

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    That should be a capital crime lol
  6. bigdrulez3141

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    i got carson palmer in the 7th...that worked out pretty well
  7. TheKey

    TheKey Faster than Felix

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    This is old, but some crazy trades
  8. jcblanco22

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    Neither of these are very recent, but they happen to involve two of the greatest offensive players (for a period) of the last 10 years, so I thought they'd be worth mentioning:

    In a '99 draft, I picked up "Paul Justin" (then w/ the Rams) as the 3rd and final quarterback for my team in the very last round of our draft (think it was the 15th or something). This was a few weeks after Trent Green had gone down with the injury and it appeared that Justin, having had some NFL experience (including a brief stint w/ us where he was pretty bad), was going to at least open the season as the starter for St. Louis. Lo and behold, a few days later Vermeil names Warner the starter, and the rest is history.

    In 2001, I picked up a somewhat unnoticed free agent acquisition of the Chiefs that offseason, a back by the name of Priest Holmes, in the 5th or 6th round. Again, we know how that turned out.

    Perhaps more incredibly though, and I will note that the guys I play with are not novices by any stretch of the imagination, I picked Holmes up the next year, in '02, in the 3rd round (after his 1555 yard year in '01!).
  9. TheSkaven

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    Wow, I thought I was good last year when i traded Julius Jones straight up for Peyton Manning the week before Jones got hurt. But LT trumps that.
  10. Raneiron#31

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    Probably one of my best draft picks has to go to picking Steve Smith in the 6th of 7th round last year. That guy carried my team.

    Best trade would be when I traded Chad Johnson for Shaun Alexander when I already had LT on my team.
  11. Sitting Bull

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    Last year I caught Hell from my entire 12-team league for "wasting" my third round pick on a backup RB named Larry Johnson, whom I handcuffed to my first round pick, Holmes. Never one to buckle to my idiot friends, I even played them in the same backfield for the first two weeks. After Holmes went down, FA pickups Marion Barber and DeShaun Foster held down my other RB position and I eventually won my league (helped by stud Tory Holt, 11th rd. pick Terry Glenn and waiver wire p/u Joey Galloway). Ahh, sweet victory...
  12. EastDallasCowboy

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    Larry Johnson for $26 in a $1000 cap dynasty/auction league.

    He'll be the cornerstone of my franchise for the rest of his career, getting only a 5% pay raise every 3 years.
  13. OldButDeadly

    OldButDeadly Bill's Waterboy

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    Why in the *hot place* would it need to be that much?

    You could have the whole NFL for that?

    LJ is going for 39.00 in the 100.00 CBS sportsline auction.


  14. Qwickdraw

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    You should try playing in a league with other partcipants next time.
  15. Qwickdraw

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    After reading the above posts, I have come to the conclusion that you guys play fantasy football with monkeys.

  16. EastDallasCowboy

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    That's just the way we established it, and by the time he came up the other interested owners had blown too much cap money to get in on it. The percentages generally work out the same as they would with a $100 or $200 cap.

    To put things in perspective though, I ended up paying $285 for Edge, $170 for Rudi Johnson, and $75 for Carson Palmer (whom I actually got in trade for Fred Taylor before his inevitable injury and some other spare pieces).
  17. jrockster77

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  18. Sarge

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    Bledsoe in the 7th is not crazy. In fact, I've seen numerouse mocks where he was picked up as late as 8th and 9th in a 12 team league.
  19. Sarge

    Sarge Red, White and brew... Staff Member

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    My thoughts exactly, if it is even true, which I happen to doubt.

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