Best way to buy tickets at face value?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by NextGenBoys, Apr 21, 2017.

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    the best way is the ticket exchange and hope you can find someone who is not as greedy as the general seat holders seem to be. If the team plays poorly later in the year seats will be face value but that doesn't help you with the opener. The only upside to buying on the secondary market with the opener is that the giants fans do not seem to travel that well to Cowboys games and they are as tired as we are of the cowboys giants week 1 matchups. So that should keep tickets down a bit. In the end however its cowboys fans who own tickets for the express purpose of gouging others and profiting from their fandom that will set the market.

    Packers fans will drive the october 8th game through the roof, all those packers fans around the country love coming here to watch them play. So when they have a full spring and summer to plan their trips they drive the prices way up.

    Good luck on your search for tickets. NY at Dallas is always my favorite game.
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    I just need to pony up for season tickets and get on a waiting list haha.
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    No need to wait. Their is a site which I forget the name of with season ticket holders selling their PSL's. That is all you need to do.
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    I don't think there are many left. I know for a fact there are no more season tickets on the 300 level.
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    Check on craiglist a few days before the game, you may find some tickets near face value.

    also Stub Hub has what is called LMS...Last Minute Service...where tickets that don't sale, may be reduced prices. They use to, probably still do. Have a Stub Hub brick and mortar store near the stadium. could go in there and get some last minute tickets. Either hard tickets or they can download and print them.
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    Maybe he deployed? What difference does it make? LOL. There is no law on owning a seat license and not going to the games. Ticket brokers snatch up seat licenses as fast as they can get them.
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    well thats why I asked. I assumed he moved or went for work. I dont care what ticket brokers do.
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    I really liked the SRO tickets I had when I went. You're going to be standing half the time anyway!
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    Bring your knee pads with you
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    Haven't always lived here...sometimes life takes funny turns
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    I'm thinking the Falcon's haven't announced single game ticket sales yet. I'm trying myself to follow that as closely as possible. As you know, you can get tickets already thru the rape sites, and I've seen nosebleed seats at $250.00 each.
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    I used to know a Giant fan in SoCal. Bought season tickets, then the job moved. He went to 2-3 games a year, depending on his schedule. Loss track of him after I married in '92.

    Damn. Come to think of it, I lost most of my friends after I got married. Still in contact with one ex-GF who moved to the bay area.
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    I've conversed with an employee from the ticket office through email. She informed me that they won't have any single game tickets available from them. They've sold out.
    So I'm likely bailing on the game. A grand plus hotel for seats worth watching it from that are still slightly below average isn't practical at this point. Hell, maybe never.

    Lowest I saw was about 800 for row 20 dead center in the 300 level. Tv is better and beer is cheaper.
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