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Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by Muhast, Jul 29, 2013.

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    What fanbase do you generally like talking to the most around the league? It could be that they just have more level-headed fans, or knowledgeable fans, or they are the most diehard.

    Which fanbase is the worst? Which team do you roll your eyes every time you see a fan wearing a hat of that team? Which team do you consider to have the most fairweather fans? It could really be any of those reasons.
  2. Wolfpack

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    Cleveland fans get the die-hard award.

    Roll eye award: Philly

    Fairweather: Well that by nature will vary...Saints maybe right now.

    Level Head: Packers generally. They tend to at least know the history of the sport.
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  3. Afigueroa22

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    Philly fans are the worst. I don't enjoy our fans much either.
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  4. Wheeltax

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    Philly fans are the worst. Seahawks fans are doing their best to catch up.

    Dallas fans aren't bad apart from there being a huge number of "casuals" among the fanbase who get what little info they have by way of ESPN. Like whereas in a room a lot of teams might have 100 fans and 60 of them are casuals, Dallas has 800 fans and 750 are casuals. Those low-information voters among the Cowboys fanbase seem to be the loudest.

    SF and GB fans aren't bad. NO and NE fans are bandwagoners. Redskins and Steelers fans are hit or miss. There are a lot of bandwagon NYG fans, too.

    It's mostly the small market teams that seem to have the non-irritating fanbases, the guys who love their team but know there probably isn't much hope for great success.
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  5. Hoov

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    i think football fans are pretty similar wherever you go as far as the % of them that are homers vs cynics, trash talkers and smack talkers vs realistic/knowledgeable fans. The difference seems to be the level of passion that you might find from city to city.

    Philadelphia fans are plenty passionate about their team - probably in the top 5 for that category.

    Living in the northeast and being a cowboys fan i have watched a lot of games with Eagles, Giants and Skins fans.

    In my experience eagles fans will get into a debate or dialogue about their team, your team or football in general and continue on and on as long as you are willing. Usually I have to drop the conversation or end it or it will keep going. Giants fans that i meet like to chirp more than anything - but dont really want to listen or discuss as much, more or less as they just dont seem as interested in getting into a debate. They beleive in their team and thats about it - they dont want to hear me talk about the cowboys. Redskins fans just say "oh cowboys fan ?" and then look disgusted like it would be offensive to have any conversation further than that.

    Im not suggesting redskins fans dont know their football, they just dont seem that interested in discussing it with cowboys fans the way eagles fans will. Again - just my own personal experiences.

    But overall, eagles fans are pretty fun to talk to about football - Philadelphia is definitely a "football city".
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  6. zrinkill

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    Cowboys have the worst fans ...... I have never seen a fan base ready to turn on its team like ours.
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  7. Ring Leader

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    I wouldn't say Dallas fans are the worst, but we have a certain following that lowers our collective football intellectual bar to near neanderthal levels. I expect other team's fans to gobble up the lazy sensationalized media crapola and preach it as fact, but when our guys fall for it hook line and sinker, it makes me wish they would just pick another team to be incessantly and irrevocably confused about.
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  8. Ren

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    Skins fans are by far the worst right now, they're the new Saints
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  9. BAZ

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    The Slur fans on this board are about as obnoxious as you can get, in person I find the Skins fans to be a decent sort. Philly fans are some of the biggest orifice’s I’ve met, but you do meet some good ones that don’t believe you need to start a fight to prove you fanaticism.

    Pats fans generally are the worst though, we get so many over here and it’s horrible. About the only fanbase I haven’t run into here is the Texans.
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  10. Sonny#9

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    Philly is far and away the worst, of any sport. I can't decry any fan base for their special children--we all have them--but Philly is 98% special.

    Generally, I don't find most Cowboys fans to be obnoxious--it's the casual fans that cannot engage in any kind of discussion other than "well we have 5 rings!" "Jerry Jones won three super bowls!" rhetoric that drive me crazy. On the flip side, the Redskins fans that preach Super Bowl every year are just as annoying. In 2009, after having a historically easy schedule to start the season, the Redskins were 2-4. I had a friend that kept talking about going 11-5. Unbearable. He still gets made fun of all the time on Facebook, resorting to "if you disagree with me, you're a hater."

    Seattle is up and coming as an obnoxious fan base. Baltimore is pretty bad too. Of all the non-NFC East teams, I root against them the most.
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  11. TheCowboy

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    Most complaining fan base: Cowboys
    Worst Fan Base: Eagles
    Most Die-Hard: Steelers or Browns
    Most laughable fan base: Jaguars
    Most fairweather fan base I would have to say the Giants. It could be because their fanbase consists more of older-age fans.
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  12. bigdnlaca

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    Worst fan base : Chargers or Jags

    Fairweather: Falcons (They couldn't sell out the Georgia Dome even when Vick played. Now, they sold out every home game this upcoming season.)
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  13. Future

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    Any team from Boston has the worst fans.

    I think Bills fans are pretty annoying as well, though Im surrounded by them.
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  14. AmericasTeam31

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    I'm shocked that no one has mentioned the Steelers fan base as one of the rudest and most uneducated groups there is. Most Steelers know nothing other than Steelers football. All they know is they are the Steelers, and therefore they will win. They don't understand football as a sport, the X's and O's, match ups or anything else relevant to the game.
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  15. Califan007

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    Most obnoxious: Seahawks fans, Ravens fans
    Most overlooked: Dolphins fans (I never hear anything about them, good or bad)
    Most respectful: Packers fans
    Least respectful: Eagles fans
    Most bland: Cardinals fans
    Best old-school fans: Bears fans
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  16. Ring Leader

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    The two words that will always silence a Bills fan.........Wide right. ;)
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  17. BoysFan4ever

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    Best: Packers.

    Worst: Eagles.
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  18. Muhast

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    I was talking with a Cowboys fan today, and I asked what he thought of the new ATT name, and he replied "Nobody is going to call it that. It's Dallas Stadium. It's always been Dallas stadium, just like the old stadium". I didn't bother to correct him. lol.
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  19. Ntegrase96

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    Best: Seahawks/Browns
    Worst fans: Eagles
    Lowest collective football knowledge: Saints
    Most Delusional: Cowboys
    Most Arrogant: Patriots

    Most knowledgable/most enjoyable to talk to: Colts
  20. MartinRamone

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    Best: Packers or Browns
    Worst: Dolphins, Jags or Chargers

    Special note to Bills, joke of a franchise and horrible weather but still follow the team year after year.

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