Best/Worst fanbase in your opinion

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by Muhast, Jul 29, 2013.

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    Good question but your missing one category> Fans that will spend the most time proving their team sucks. Cowboys dominate that one. I went to a Saints game back when Tuna was in his first year, those guys were great.
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    I'm sorry but when it comes to obnoxious fan bases, the saints fans are high up there. They have such a hate for us that it borders on insanity. We arent even rivals for one. You know they are bad when even the eagle fans was teaming with us to tell saints fan to shut up back on 2006.
  3. Lonestar94

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    Best: Browns, Steelers, Packers

    Worst: Jaguars, Cardinals, Cowboys
  4. Idgit

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    Steelers fans are the most obnoxious, obsessed and delusional.
    Sk*ns fans are deluded, too, but it's normally in that cute way that recent cellar-dwellers can be adorable. That's about to change, I'm afraid.
    Philly fans are the lowest class on the planet, but a wide, wide margin. They take pride in their idiocy, but they should be roundly embarrassed by it.
    Don't have much problems with Giants fans. I hate their organization and this current incarnation of players (less, now that Jacobs is gone, though).

    Cowboys fans are tough because, on one hand, they're entitled and gullible and many of them are willing to engage in dumping on their favorite team at the drop of a hat, and try to justify that simply because recent history has not been good. That's not an acceptable excuse for such behavior, but they're happy to immediately resort to it. On the other hand, they're loyal to my favorite team, which makes them brothers-in-arms, so I want to love them. I still do, though, if I'm being fair, I still consider our fans among the bottom five groups in all of the NFL.

    On the flip side, Browns fans are amazingly loyal, with little reason to be. Packers fans are some of the nicest fans I've met. Vikings fans, too. Cardinals fans are pretty nice, too, and they're amusing because they have no real right to exist at all, and yet they still do.

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