News: BH: Jason Garrett proves to be great hire for Cowboys

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by Juke99, Dec 1, 2011.

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    Jason Garrett proves to be great hire for Cowboys

    By Mac Engel / McClatchy Newspapers
    Tuesday, November 29, 2011 - Added 2 days ago

    IRVING, Texas — With all due respect to the head coaches in Green Bay and San Francisco, the 2011 NFL coach of the year works at Valley Ranch.

    The national pundits are going to argue for the guy in San Francisco who has turned that Bay wreck into the second-best team in the NFC, and Alex Smith into a passable NFL starting quarterback. Well done, sir.

    The argument against Red as coach of the year is that the Cowboys haven’t beaten anybody. Fair point. Of the Cowboys’ seven wins, only but one has come against a team that boasts a winning record — Jim Harbaugh’s 49ers. But in a league filled with nobodies the Cowboys are beating them.
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    It sure started out good, but I shoulda known when I saw who the author was where it was going. Mac Engel just does not impress me at all as a writer.

    But when did he move to the Boston Herald?
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    Bash another Jerry article...

    Typical stupid mediots.....

    But Jerry haters will eat this up.....take it as gospel

    ESPN is due for a segment on Jerry being the meddler....
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    I'm impressed with how Garrett is shaping this team. But I think it's too early to say he's a "great hire."
    Again, the standards are high in Dallas. He hasn't taken the team to the playoffs yet, so he hasn't done anything more than what Wade or Parcells did.
    Unfortunately for Garrett, he's measured by the standards of Tom Landry and Jimmy Johnson. Super Bowl or bust.
    I doubt he gets any leeway if at the end of his career he's another glorified Andy Reid.
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    I really like how Jason Garrett is reshaping this team. He has rid this team of many of it's overpaid declining players and replaced them with players with the right attitude and work ethic. I think we are still a year or two away. This team reminds me a little of the 1991 Cowboys team. That team got hot late and beat a tough Bears team at Chicago before losing to a spread offense that we just didn't have the secondary to match up with. Great hire Jerry. You do deserve much credit for that.
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    Oh! I get it now! Mac Engel sucks.
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    Yep. And right after that loss to the Lions, Jimmy Johnson went to work on the secondary.

    Garrett focused on the offensive line this year. Next year, I think he improves the secondary.

    The good thing about Garrett is he seems to recognize when it's ready to retool, unlike past coaches (more heavily influenced by Jerry Jones) who would hang on to aging players.

    The offensive line HAD to be fixed. I'm glad Garrett spent a first-round pick on Tyron Smith.
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    Yeah....Jerry had nothing to do with picking Smith..... :)

    Maybe just maybe was a collective decision.....I bet if Smith turned out to be a bust and our young OL got Romo hurt again......then we would all be crying on how Jerry got rid of all these OLineman because he was hurting for cash and it wasnt JG decision.

    btw...imho....our OL is far from being fixed....Kosier is declining and we really dont have a dependable center or guard.

    Still work in progress imho ....I hope with a full training camp and weight training....our young guys do improve. But other then Free and Smith...Im not sold on anyone else on the OL.

    JMHO :)
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    When general *******ery has lost its luster, just throw in a little bait-and-switch to spruce things up! Your smug grin will return in no time!

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