Biased NFL Scheduling

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by ravidubey, Dec 24, 2012.

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    How bout winning more games as the season goes along so it doesnt come down to the last game.
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    Stop your whining Big Girls dont cry
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    Love to, but that hasn't been reality. The NFC East has been hotly contested since Dallas and New York got good again in the mid-late 2000's. Now Washington is looking like another contender for the division title.

    Ye Gods this has nothing to do with conspiracy and everything to do with fairness. Erase that "C" word from the thread. It has to do with removing any bias from scheduling that last divisional game.

    To make money, they schedule Dallas on the road. That's a bias and a competitive disadvantage with the playoffs at risk. It's not about conspiracy but fairness. Schedule Dallas, but rotate or find some other way to take better care when scheduling this final game.

    Take the Steelers. They have a competitive division and as a marquee franchise they schedule them on the road to make money. But at least it breaks even regarding divisional games where the playoffs may be on the line.

    Three division finals away, and three at home.

    2007: @Ravens
    2008: Cleveland
    2009: Ravens Week 16, @Dolphins
    2010: @Cleveland
    2011: @Cleveland
    2012: Cleveland

    How about the Packers and Lions? About even, with a slight edge to GB. Maybe they want to stress the "frozen tundra".

    2007: Detroit
    2008: Detroit
    2009: @Chicago Week 14, @Arizona
    2010: Chicago
    2011: Detroit
    2012: @Minnesota

    2007: @Green Bay
    2008: @Green Bay
    2009: Chicago
    2010: Minnesota
    2011: @Green Bay
    2012: Chicago

    2007: @Minnesota Week 15, New Orleans
    2008: Green Bay Week 16, @Houston
    2009: @Detroit
    2010: @Green Bay
    2011: @Minnesota
    2012: Detroit

    2007: Chicago Week 15, @Denver
    2008: @Detroit Week 14, NYG
    2009: @Chicago Week 16, NYG
    2010: @Detroit
    2011: Chicago
    2012: @Green Bay

    None of these teams is facing their final divisional game on the road 5 of 6 times.

    I understand why they do it to Dallas. The point is it needs to stop.
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    I Agree that we've been in tough situations recently but to think there's any reasoning or bias is absurd. Nobody has it out for us and with our difficult skids we've had some breaks too.
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    We play better on the road so whats the big deal?
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    Of course it's ridiculous. The NFL clearly has a bias against the cowboys. When's the last time we played a home game to start the season? We rarely open in week one at home. And the last couple years we have went from one coast to the other in weeks one and two.

    When's the last time you seen an analyst on espn or nfl network show any respect for Dallas or our players? Just look at how they all hate on romo and act like he's terrible and one of the worst in the league. It's completely absurd

    Oh and when is the last time we were on the right side of a call that could go either way? Or had less penalties than the other team? Maybe we did Sunday but it is a VERY rare occasion. Usually what happens is something like the Pittsburgh game where we have 10 penalties or so and the other team has 1 or 2 or in Pitts case ZERO
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    You look at the Colts, with golden boy Mannning there, and they finish at home vs division opponents 4 of the last 6 seasons.

    Or Brady, HOME 3 of last 4. Packers 4 of last 6 at home, it isnt a coincidence.
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    it is what it is

    stomp a mudhole in the team you're playing and walk it dry

    earn your paychecks

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