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Discussion in 'Political Zone' started by trickblue, Oct 2, 2008.

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    What about McCain would have had you voting for him over Obama?
    They're obviously different enough, albeit in a superficial way, that they aren't interchangeable. You're either for one set of policies or you're not; I doubt a VP candidate can cause such an ideological shift.
  2. Danny White

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    Actually, many times when Biden faced a difficult question he simply lied about his or Obama's record.

    Funding of the troops, energy policy, taxes, foreign policy.

    I can't believe he isn't being called out for that more.
  3. zrinkill

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    I dont think he ever was.

    Posted 7-30
    Posted 5-27
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    How can you lead the military as commander and chief if you have never served in the military?
  5. Beast_from_East

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    Peception is reality.............Most people think Republicans hate gays, that is the sterotype that is out there.

    This is why McCain is really in a pickle now. Even if the answer is the same, Independents already have a perception that the Democrats would better handle the issue.

    If most independents vote Democrat as you say, this thing is over.
  6. vta

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  7. ZeroClub

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    I'm cheering for the heartbeats of those other three guys, myself. :)

    I think folks might want to think about tapping the breaks a bit on Palin.

    She performed o.k. in a highly structured debate format. Real life is more complicated than that. It isn't likely that she's done misspeaking. The cameras won't stop rolling.
  8. Beast_from_East

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    What exatly are you basing this on?

    Almost every poll out there shows she is running a distant 4th among the candidates on the question of who is ready to be POTUS.
  9. Maikeru-sama

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    I disagree. She is a decent Presidential Nominee in 2008. She brings a fresh face to the Republican Party, seems to be extremely conservative, she's a woman and for all intents and purposes seems to not be a member of the old "Washington Crowd".

    As I stated before, I don't think the woman is stupid, I just think she wasn't prepared properly.

    Whether folks want to admint it or not, EVERYONE on this messageboard would get clobbered by the media (some more than other :p: ) if you were all of the sudden tossed into the race for the Vice President of the United States and poked and prodded about every issue.

    Whether John McCain loses or not, Sarah Palin is definately on the rise in the Republican Party.

    Also, if you look at the history of where Presidents come from, they rarely come from the U.S. Senate, so she doesn't need to a Senate seat.
  10. poke

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    does this mean you believe only military people should be elected to be Prez ??
  11. Maikeru-sama

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    Unfortunately, Danny is correct, there are some folks that wouldn't mind seeing her become president.

    I think this would be extremely extremely foolish at this time in her career.
  12. DFWJC

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    True dat
  13. Maikeru-sama

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    That is got to be the stupidest comment I have ever heard in my life.

    It's like saying someone can't be a good football coach if he never played before.
  14. masomenos

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    That FDR guy did an alright job during WWII.
  15. jimnabby

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    Well, sure. That's because we are by no stretch of the imagination qualified to be VP.
  16. Hostile

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    I didn't say the message is aimed at Bush. I understand it is to associate him with the current administration, and I repeat what I said about that before. I think that is a mistake. His association to the current administration is primarily by party, and believe it or not, a lot of undecided voters are smart enough to see that.

    The target audience (Undecideds) are going to get turned off by that message. It is a typical Political partisan scare tactic and those backfire because people see through them.

    It isn't the Independents who need to be reached. It is the Undecideds. Why are people undecided at this point? Most likely because they are still unsure who to believe in. That is what I mean by backfire. Partisan scare tactics will not sway undecided voters.

    Be honest, have you ever heard me say one bad thing about any of the 4 people on the ticket? I'll be shocked if you say yes. Then I will want proof.

    I was genuinely shocked when Ben was sharing his utter distaste for Joe Biden. Mostly because Ben is a sheep. His loyalty to the Dem Party might as well be etched in stone. I didn't know a thing about Biden. Last night is the first time I ever really heard from him. Look here in the thread, I liked him.

    In fact I wish it were Biden - Obama instead of Obama - Biden. I think he's much more qualified. Then again, I like the cranky old guys like Harry S. Truman. I think that's what we need. Someone willing to ruffle feathers in Washington. I think that is McCain, and I now think it is Biden.

    I knew nothing about Obama prior to this election either. Did I hide the fact I wanted him over Hilary? I have said on numerous occasions that I can live with either him or McCain, and I can. I really don't buy all the rhetoric and promises that you partisan types salute and genuflect to. The closest you can come to me saying anything negative about Obama has to do with the Reverend Wright stuff and I was among the first to say I liked his speech denouncing Wright, and that I separated the man from the Minister.

    I knew nothing about Palin beyond what Dallas had shared on here some time back. Dallas is someone I consider a friend and he and I often shoot the breeze about stuff. I liked her immediately but it was only because my mind was already made up who I was voting for in McCain. If you check closely you'll find I wasn't stumping for anyone as his VP. I thought it would be Romney, but I really didn't care. Still don't. Many Conservatives on this very site were swayed to McCain by her nomination and they admit that as the seminal point of their decision. I was not among them. With or without her on the ticket McCain had my vote.

    I wasn't even hiding the fact that even before the primaries reached Arizona that I was going to be voting for McCain or Bill Richardson and that it was entirely a regional alliance to them. I was asked who I would vote for if Richardson had won the Dem nomination and I said I would encourage my wife, a native Arizonan, to vote for McCain and I, a native New Mexican, would vote for Richardson.

    I do live in Arizona, and I do respect John McCain. Not just for his Military service, which is a huge selling point for me, but because I have seen him get things done here in my state. He does reach across the party lines. I see it here all the time. Our Governor is one of the most Liberal Governors in the nation. She couldn't lose my vote if she Patton slapped me. I think she's great. On more than one occasion in this state she has proposed something and McCain has been the first person to get behind her. I've actually seen commercials in this state where they were on screen together asking for support on a measure.

    If the goal is to heal the wounds of partisan Washington then it is a foolish thing to use a partisan scare tactic as the lever to move voters. Isn't reaching across party lines and voting opposite of your party the exact essence of a maverick?

    There are a lot of people like me who are not Bush haters. By assuming that everyone does hate him the campaign will turn some people off as simply a smear campaign and nothing more.

    Hence why I called it a mistake. I believe that.

    One last thing. You might be wondering why I am so out of touch with all these people. I didn't know Biden. I didn't know Obama. I didn't know Palin. I am so against partisan party politics that I do not make it my business to know the politicians outside my state unless the are looking at a Federal Government position like President or Vice President. I see nothing advantageous for me about who holds a Senate seat in another state. Why should I give a crap about who is elected to Senate in North Carolina. When I lived there, I cared. I do not live there now.

    Some people are so married to their political party that they actually fret over whether their guy is going to be able to hold his seat in a state that doesn't even neighbor their own state. They fret over whether their party will hold power in the Senate or lose it. So they make it a point to know Senators from other states and to hate their politics if they are on the other side of the Political fence. I find that whole concept to be laughable.

    Here are three things that are a synopsis of all you need to know about politics.

    1. Poli is a prefix that means many, and ticks are blood sucking parasites.

    2. Pro is the opposite of Con, therefore it is logical to assume that Congress is the opposite of Progress.

    3. Senate comes from the Latin Word Senix. Senile comes from the exact same root word.

    That's it. You lose sleep over Bush being in power. If McCain wins you'll lose sleep over that. If Obama wins some will lose sleep over that. I lose sleep because I have insomnia. There are no strings attached.
  17. Maikeru-sama

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    True, but my point is, it is a no win situation.

    With the age of 24 hour news networks, how many times have they caught really smart people saying or doing dumb things.

    No matter how smart you think you are, the media, whether it is conversative or liberal has a way to twisting things and making you look a certain way.
  18. Danny White

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    I'm not claiming that I'm a representative of average America... I work in the conservative movement. But among conservatives, she is definitely preferred over McCain. If I took a poll of the 30 people in my office and asked them which of the four they'd most want to see as President, Palin would get at least 20-25 votes.

    Again, I'm not saying this is typical... I'm just responding to the claim that "no one would want Palin to be President."

    That's not true... a lot of us out there would prefer her over any of the other candidates right now.
  19. Sasquatch

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    Only a dishonest person would suggest that the colloquial speech employed by Palin sounds more eloquent, learned, and knowledgeable than Obama. In fact, Palin herself tacitly acknowledges this by consciously adopting a persona that starkly contrasts with the worst stereotypes associated with east coast Ivy Leaguers.
  20. CanadianCowboysFan

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    her attempts not to appear elitist are by definition elitist

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