Big 12 Football 2013 Season Thread

Discussion in 'Sports Zone' started by Aikbach, Sep 8, 2013.

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    Big 12 ended up 3-3 with wins over B1G, SEC and Pac 12.
    Beat two top 15 major conference teams by double digits.

    Lost very badly versus Oregon and UCF and fell apart late versus Missou.

    Good Big 12 season and Bowl Season.
    Still the second best conference on the whole IMHO.

    As to the Bama stuff... I slightly disagree with theory they didn't want to be there.
    While that may have been some small factor overall Bama played hard, just not very smart.
    Henry sure wanted to there when he was running over, through and around people.

    AJ looked flustered because he was getting LSU levels of pressure from a Big 12 team and didn't know what to do.

    Bama had it's least talented team in 5 years.
    The NFL draft will probably back that up.
    They struggled MAJORLY with TAMU/AUB/OU.
    They were about the 8th or 9th best team in the country.
    Like UT for most of last decade the name accounts for about 5 spots in the polls.
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    Henry wanted to be there because he hardly touched the ball in the regular season. He had 27 rushing attempts on the season coming into the game. He was anxious to get some real playing time.
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    Still a weak excuse. Guys are playing for either spots on depth charts or NFL draft status.
    Bama players played hard, they lost because they flat got out coached.
    If Henry was backing me up I'd run like my hair was on fire because yea that kid is taking a job and 20 carries a game.

    Bama wasn't that good this year --by their own standard. The SEC wasn't that great this year. Really zero separation from other top conferences. Auburn won 5 games by a TD or less. The non-conf record was weak. Bowl record looks good til you consider they lost both BCS bowls and mostly picked on smaller conferences. Much like the PAC 12 who crowed about a 6-3 record but lost the BCS bowl it was in to a very poor B1G conference team. The SEC and PAC 12 split with the Big 12 in a down year there.
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    I love the Bama/SEC apologists always wanting to blame it on "not wanting to be there" maybe the other team was just better! Heard the same crap when Louisville and Utah waxed Florida/bama in previous sugar bowls. It's a load of BS
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    I don't think I made an excuse about Bama. Just pointed out that Henry really had a reason to be fired up about the game. He finally got to be used in a game for more than just a carry or two. Without him, the final score would have been more lopsided.
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    Losing because "you didn't want to be there" is more embarassing than losing because you got out-coached or out-played in my opinion.

    They should stick with "we got beat", .. period.
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