Big 12 Power Rankings: Week 2

Discussion in 'Sports Zone' started by BrAinPaiNt, Sep 4, 2012.

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    1. West Virginia (1-0, last week: 2) The Mountaineers were the league's most impressive team in Week 1, and grab the No. 1 spot ahead of Oklahoma after the Sooners' near disaster in Week 1. You heard plenty about West Virginia's offense Saturday. Everybody on that unit, from the QBs to receivers, backs and O-line, validated it. Just have to do it every week. If that happens, this squad's winning the Big 12 title -- and maybe more.

    2. Oklahoma (1-0, last week: 1) Be very concerned, Sooners fans, but don't come anywhere close to writing this team off. The offense was awful, but the defense was strong. For now, chemistry on offense can be a legitimate excuse, with room to grow. Landry Jones entered the night with one receiver who had ever caught a ball from him in a game, and the offensive line was still trying to replace a pair of three-year starters.

    Personally I think Oklahoma State belongs in one of those spots but I only seen the score and not the game so I have no clue who good they were vs how bad the competition was.

    On a side note, I imagine most of you Big 12 fans already know this Ubben guy but he is newer to me. With that out of the way the guy looks like he is related to Jean Jacques-Taylor.
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    The entire Big 12 is undefeated. :)
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    9-0 is a great start.....Hopefully the league can finish Week 2 undefeated as well. I know Texas and TCU have gimme games, not sure about the rest of the Conference.
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    This season really doesn't start until week 4, when in all likelihood the whole conference will be 3-0 and start pounding each other.

    On a historic note WVU christens itself in the Big 12 against Baylor, but I'm a little worried about the hornet's nest of being their first ever Big 12 opponent and on the road at that, especially since Geno Smith looks like he's the Heisman front runner.
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    I don't think anyone has scheduled any true tests in their non-conference games. Last year TCU played Baylor in non-conference when they were ranked #14 or #15 but now they're part of the club.

    I do think SMU was supposed to be a decent opponent though, they were 8-5 a year ago and upgraded their talent, so not sure if they just aren't as advertised or if Baylor is a solid force, WVU will expose what Baylor is for better or worse in three weeks time, either they're for real or just better than Conference USA.
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    I was impressed with WVU's first week performance simply because Marshall had 5 weeks of practice and the entire off-season to prepare for us, .. their hated rival.

    It was their Super Bowl and we handed it to them.

    But it is still not like playing the many great teams in the Big 12, week after week.

    But if Geno stays healthy, they will be a handfull and hard to stop any Saturday.
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    WVU is a welcome addition, the conference additions of TCU and WVU (assuming they excel in the conference as they did outside it) make the conference as strong as it was if not moreso than when Nebraska was a national title contender and Colorado was vying for Big 12 glory, neither of those programs (now gone from the Big 12) are the stalwarts they were a decade ago.

    But top to bottom this has to be the most competitive conference in Division I football, all 10 teams have good coaching staffs, and 7 of the present 10 were ranked in the BCS at the end of last year.
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    UT too win the Big 12... be ready.
    Looked good in week 1, besides their secondary
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    OSU should get no credit for pounding a hapless D-2 team.

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