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    After 11 weeks of columns focusing on prospects moving up draft boards, enough players to fill the first three rounds of next April's draft, its time to focus on the sliders. Here are 15 prospects, including some big-time college players, who have watched their draft stock fall since the college season began three months ago.

    Vontaze Burfict, LB, Arizona State*: Possibly no player has dropped down draft boards faster this season than Burfict. He entered the campaign ranked as a potential top five pick, but his immaturity has cost him at least half a round, if not more. He's been consistently flagged for unsportsmanlike penalties, and it has cost his team dearly. Scouts say Burfict shows little in the way of controlling his temper, which has NFL decision-makers concerned.

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    Interesting stuff, of course it's all speculation at this point, but I would say there are a few names on there I wholeheartedly agree with.

    Namely, Burfict and Coples.

    Whenever I watch a prospect it's nice to see them perform and produce at their best. The reality is that's not always possible. However, one thing I want to see regardless of how they perform in the game are: suddeness, involvment, and effort.

    Having watched Burfict (4 games) and Coples (3 games) multiple times this season I can say they have consistently lacked in those named areas each time I've watched them play.

    I've ranted about Burfict a few times this season so I'll save it. In terms of Coples, I saw a smooth athlete that seemed to be operating at 80% effort and at times seemed disinterested in getting involved. Wes Bunting theorized that Coples may be playing to keep himself healthy for the draft.

    I've been really high on Bruce Irvin and still am to a certain extent. I will say having watched him in last game against Pittsburgh it was an uneven game for him. The stat sheet will show him with 7 tackles and 1.5 sacks for the day. However, I was left a little unimpressed with his approach to the game. More often than not he ran a simple rush up the edge and then gave up on the play, no pursuit, little effort. He definitely wasn't eager to join on any piles and looked to avoid them and keep his feet. I have a hunch he may have suffering from the same pre-draft mentality that Coples was.

    I'd still take a shot on Irvin in the 3rd or 4th round if available.
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    Burfict really has hurt his stock but there is zero chance he returns for his senior year. He will not attend a single class after the last day of the Fall semester or the last day of Bowl game practices, whichever happens first.
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    I think the problem with Irvin this season is the lack of a top end (college anyway) NT in the middle to help collapse or occupy the pocket.

    In the past the NT would help prevent the QB from simply stepping in the pocket to avoid the rush. Now it happens a great deal. Bruce comes around and gets ready to get him and the QB just steps up in the that time Bruce has already over committed and runs by him.

    He was better suited as a situation pass rusher like last year and might thrive in that area in the NFL, but he has the athletic ability and shows some good potential for a player taken in the area you mention. Problem I see is I think he will blow up the combine with his athletic ability and not be available in that area.
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    Irvin is hampered by playing in a 3-3-5 defense at West Virginia that they've implemented this year. For most of the game he has his hand on the ground and fighting head up with offensive tackles who outweigh him by 80 lbs. When he's allowed to play 9 tech in some nickle situations he's still the same beast he was last year to me. He's my favorite defensive player in the draft.
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    The 3-3-5 has been there for quite a few years...going back to when Rich Rod was still coaching....including when Irvin played last year...he was just not responsible for the run defensive portion nor was he game planned as much and or double/triple teamed as much last year.

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