Big Year for QB contracts

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by DFWJC, Mar 20, 2013.

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    Maybe someone can add a few more, but off the top of my head, here are some of the Quarterbacks up for new contracts this year (by team choice or because they are entering the final year of their current deal):

    Jay Cutler
    Joe Flacco (signed his deal)
    Josh Freeman
    Aaron Rodgers
    Tony Romo
    Matt Ryan
    Matt Stafford

    Anyone care to predict what each will get?
    years/total $/guaranteed$

    Contract signed in the last year or so include:
    P Manning
    E Manning
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    I'll play

    Cutler gets 5 year 80 million (16 per year) 35 Guaranteed

    Freeman gets 5 year 60 million (12 per year) 20 guaranteed

    Rodgers gets 6 year 130 million (21.6 per year) 60 guaranteed

    Romo gets 5 year 85 million (17 per year) 30 guaranteed

    Ryan gets 6 year 123 million ( 20.5 per year) 40 guaranteed

    Stafford gets 6 year 100 million (16 per year) 35 guaranteed
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    Good effort.

    Looking at what has been paid in the last two years and assuming escalations, I suspect all of these are within 10-15% on a per year basis.

    I think there's a chance that Tampa just has Freeman play out his deal, but maybe not. I predict Rodgers will get more than that.

    In any case, guys like Stafford really hit the jackpot because they were the last guys to get the huge rookie contracts with all the guaranteed money before the NFL stepped in and limited the insanity for unproven players.
    They'll already have two giant deals at a fairly early age.

    If you assume 10-15% per year escalations, the older guys that have recently signed contracts
    (barring Brady's unusual deal) are all making in the 20-23/yr range.

    Adjusted (10-15% annually) per year with ages entering 2013 season:
    Roethlisberger (31) = 18-5-20.4 mil
    Brees (34) = 23 mil
    E Manning (32)=20.5mil
    P Manning (37) = 22mil

    So that 17 mil per year for TR (who is 32 but will be 33) is probably in range +/- 10%.
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    That makes sense. I'm certainly not an NFL GM, so I was just going off of my gut feeling and what I compared to other caliber players made to get my numbers. :D

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