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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by BIGDen, Mar 16, 2013.

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    if your standards are MERELY competing to get into the playoffs then I guess you can argue things are much better.

    But to those like myself where the playoffs are just a step to winning it all it is NOT ENOUGH.


    Even healthy this time last year would not have been able to make it to the SB let alone win it.

    And that is my standard:

  2. Fredd

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    I gotta side with the OP on this one....some of you guys are b&M'ing because we haven't won in a while,presumably during your early years as a Cowboys fan

    IMO, I have seen a change in the team in these last few years....there is still room for more improvement, obviously...but, while I am not a supporter of Garrett (currently), I have to give some credit....they had a 3 year plan in placeand this off season is year the other years, they got rid of old, declining players (sure, we still have some)...then, they start to bring in the RKG's on to the team....the drafts in the last 2 to 3 years have been solid and last's years could be really good if they progress and stay on the field...

    Examples: Mo, very good...Crawford, looks to be very good and will help the DL rotation as he can play DT or DE in a 4-3...Wilber? Needs to stay healthy, Johnson? the prodigal son...if healthy, he could be very good although we just don't know...Coale? my pet cat..GET HEALTHY! Hanna? Showed flashes at the end of the year.....a good class

    [X] Year 1: get rid of old/aging players
    [X] Year 2: bring in RKG's ans start to turn around the attitidue of the team
    - we bring in Carr, trade up for Mo; thus, one of our two biggest needs is addressed in one off season
    [ ] Year 3: Focus on making all of the units better
    - give the same treatment to the OL as we did the secondary; if we make two moves on the OL (one FA, one high draft pick), then that could solve that;

    Anyway, IMO, if they make the OL better AND they can stay healthy, then this team will be in the playoffs and once you are in, anything can happen.

    I like where we are going
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    So if you don't feel that the Cowboys are a SB contending team, why bother watching them? It would seem that watching them would make you miserable.
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    Very sad.Cowboys fan bragging about being 8 and 8, in a bad division. Jerry loves your Low Expectations.
  5. burmafrd

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    so to you only kool aid drinkers are allowed to be fans?

    yeah right.

    Another one that thinks he can tell someone who he can be a fan of.

    I have been a fan of this team long before you and am willing to bet will be a fan long after you have jumped off the bandwagon.
  6. jjktkk

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    41 years and going strong. Can't ever see myself jumping off the bandwagon. :star:
  7. BIGDen

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    To be clear to those who seem to think I am content with mediocrity and not winning championships, you're completely wrong. I have been watching this team since 1977 and I am only truly happy/satisfied as a fan when they win SBs. However, I do realize that championships are difficult to win. Saying that Dallas has sucked or not been competitive for the past 6 or 7 years is simply incorrect. I still maintain that what happened in 2000 is as irrelevant as what occurred in 1995.
  8. AsthmaField

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    It's not bragging... it's simply not having a nervous breakdown because we're 8-8.

    Figures that is the only argument you can come up with.
  9. TX_Yid

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    It's too simplistic to look at an 8-8 record and the fact that the rest of the NFC played down to our level so that we had a shot at the division in the last game of the season, and use that to say we are a decent enough team who overcame our problems and so we'll be much better this next year.

    How many games did we outplay the opposition? How many games did we destroy our opponent and walk away with the W?

    The truth is this team played badly in every single game last year (To some degree at least), there were NO complete games. Even when we played well in a game we couldn't maintain momentum and walk away with it.

    We struggled to stay with our opponents for most of the season and clung on to get that 8-8 record. We never played as well as even our very mediocre record suggests.

    Just being realistic, we simply weren't very good at all last year. So far there's nothing to suggest we'll be any better next year BUT I'm hopeful that changes before the season starts. Hopeful but not very optimistic!
  10. cowboyvic

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    That's their thing. if you are not happy with the last 16 years, don't watch and don't be a fan anymore.they lash out at anyone who won't drink the Kool-Aid anymore.
  11. Fredd

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    I would rather try to drink the kool-aid than swill and spew vitriol... one is suggesting that the Cowboys are ready to win the SB just yet, but if you already feel that they suck so bad that they have zero chance, then it must make watching the team painful...
  12. Eskimo

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    Good take, BD.

    I too think there is some reason for some optimism. We have a great QB, good offensive skill players, 2 very good CBs, an a potentially elite front 7. We have the makings of a possible average to above average OL if things fall into place. We do have very real issues at Safety and scarcity of depth in the front 7 on defense and a lot of question marks along the OL and that is our downside.

    Part of our biggest problem has been Jerry's insistence on trying to play just with star players. He rarely has seen the point of playing with mediocre players through the lineup and prefers to have a huge big stars and then fill up the rest of the roster through bargain bin FA and prayers that some young unheralded player may not be exposed on the field. I doubt there are many teams that have as much cap space occupied by the top 10 of their roster like we do and that crowds out spending elsewhere. That wouldn't be so huge of a problem if so many of those players contributed so little last year, especially down the stretch where we got very little out of Free, Austin, Ratliff and Ware. The only core players that were truly excelling were Romo, Spencer and Witten. That just isn't good enough to get it done when a good chunk of your roster is on the MASH squad.

    Now I do have more optimism than most along the OL because I don't view our interior, health pending, nearly as weak as most people here. Costa was actually quite good last year which isn't surprising since he was about an average Center during the last half of 2011 and could reasonably be expected to improve for the 2012 season given the slow development typical of OL. Bern has little experience and was coming off two leg surgeries in the offseason so his slow start was to be expected and he really played okay in the second half of the season and played very well when put in at Center. Nate Livings played really well in the first half of the season and then really injured his knee causing his play to really fall off during the second half. He had surgery so now we'll have to wait and see how he recovers and whether he plays better this season if he is more healthy. Killer was hurt and was basically a scratch all-year. Now I hope we are going to add a premium rookie to the mix and I think he will add a vital cog here. At tackle I expect this to be Tyron's coming out party after struggling converting from RT to LT. At RT Parnell looked at least as good as Free when he was in there last season and I expect him to take a giant step this year now that he has another year of experience under his belt.

    As for the defense a lot will depend on how much we get out of the aging Ware, Ratliff and Hatcher. Onto that add on more health from Lee and Carter and hope that Spencer can put together another elite year and we have the makings of a good front 7 that may be allowed to attack a bit more this year and raise their level of play under Marinelli. I fully expect either a first or second rounder to be added here in a draft full of quality DL and I also hope Crawford can take a big step up this year after flashing a few times as a pretty raw rookie.

    So I do thinks can break right for us. However, I think too many things have to break right for us to be a dominant team. However, I think BD's point was that we only need enough to break right to get in the playoffs and from that point it is often some luck and health that determines who walks out with the SB trophy as rarely has the best team in the reg. season won the SB lately.
  13. yimyammer

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    I think a rational analysis would focus on post salary cap and free agency, so you could include 94' and 95' but it would appear to me that analyzing the Cowboys organization post 95' gives a more accurate measure of how they function within the above restrictions.

    Regardless of the reason or who is at fault, I think a compelling case could be made that shows the Cowboys do not and have not competed well within the restraints imposed by the salary cap and free agency and I would expect a rational, non-emotional analysis to bear that out.

    They appear to have improved staring with Parcells and finding Tony Romo. What will be telling is how they perform when Tony is no longer QB and the last of Parcells players and his influence are no longer impacting the team (& that statement is open enough for the reader to apply positive or negative connotations to Parcells, et al)

    Philosophically, I like what Garrett brings to the organization, time will tell whether his deficiencies (as any coach will have) are too much to overcome and will management stick with him long enough to see his ways bear fruit. Personally, I'm done with the revolving door at head coach and think riding him out as long as possible, while not perfect or even optimal, is the best we can hope for as Cowboys fans due to the constraints & weaknesses that come with Ownership & GM.
  14. yimyammer

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    I can't help but wonder if its not better to go ahead and dip into 3-13 or 2-14 territory, so the draft pick improves and management doesn't get tied to players they shouldn't be tied to because they perceive they are tantalizingly close
  15. BIGDen

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    Great post as always. Your final paragraph sums it up perfectly.
  16. Zordon

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    uhh did you forget what jerry has been selling us all these years?
  17. LatinMind

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    Great post by the OP.

    People seem to think that Dallas will be playing def without Lee and Carter, Think Mcray will be starting safety. Think Cook will be starting and continue to think Austin is garbage.

    So nomatter what you say some people just love being miserable.

    I like whats being built in Dallas. Young nucleus with some veterans who build the core.

    Dallas just had a private workout with DJ Fluker. Loved hearing that. So Dallas is interested in improving the OL.

    But IMO the biggest improvement and what makes average teams make deep runs in the playoffs is coaching. Dallas improved there this yr aswell.

    Im really looking forward to week 1
  18. Idgit

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    Fun thread.

    I agree, we're good enough to challenge for a ticket to the postseason, not good enough to guarantee one or to be considered a conference favorite.

    I share Eskimo's assessment of the OL. Though we're going to need a swing T if we start Parnell, and adding another quality rookie piece is pretty important.

    At S, we're clearly rolling the dice on a couple players. We need to end up with three players on the roster capable of starting when it's all said and done. Not playing great necessarily, but capable starters. We've got one in Church, even back from injury. The team sure seems to think we've got another in Johnson, though that's a giant question mark. Sterling Moore, at this point, I'd be comfortable playing there in a pinch, or Brandon Carr, but that obviously leaves us thin at CB. The other DBs on the roster are special teamers and role players, so we'll need to add a smart athlete there, or pickup an inexpensive vet later in the offseason.

    I'm all on board with adding a DL in the first two picks.

    We need a veteran SLB at some point.

    Other than that, though, we're really just filing in cracks at backup RB, TE3, maybe a veteran or mid-round value college WR who can play outside in a pinch.

    It's the sort of stuff you can do in one offseason if everything breaks right. The most important pieces I think are pretty achievable, but then those untested guys have to play well, too. We might not get everything done, but another thing I like about this coaching staff is that they churn the bottom of the roster, anyway, and seem to find guys like Moore and Sims and Frampton who are capable of giving you meaningful snaps.
  19. yimyammer

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    I abhor questions and statements that imply one should go find another team or quit watching because they don't live up to one's expectations or because a fan has the audacity to express criticism about their team.

    People continue to watch and root for the Cowboys because they are their team regardless. If anything, sticking with a team when they're not performing as one would hope is what being a "true" fan is all about, imo.

    If someones son or daughter got on drugs or committed some atrocious crime, no one could rationally say, "why don't you just find another child?"

    A loving parent (or devoted fan) can't because regardless of what that child (team) does or doesn't do or how much they frustrate you, they're still your kids (team). So in this case, the Cowboys will always be a "true" Cowboys fans team, regardless of the circumstances. Venting one's frustrations doesn't change that and I think a lot of the half empty perspectives are merely fans venting and attempting to commiserate with other fans that feel the same way.

    I don't begrudge anyone who sees the glass half full or half empty, they're both fans in my book.
  20. LatinMind

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    2007 and 2009 Dallas was legit contenders. They just got beat in the playoffs. I dont see how you can call those teams mediocre.

    You can have high standards and this half faith in the team you choose to root for. Instead of being miserable and trying to be negative about everything and anything. If i was that negative about this team, and typed the same response every time somebody said anything posistive about the team i love. I would just stop being a fan. Its not worth being a miserable person

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