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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Biggems, Mar 18, 2012.

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    1 - OG David DeCastro - Stanford
    I will not waiver on this pick. I want a wall in front of Romo and the next QB after him. DeCastro is one major brick in that wall (and no I do not like Pink Floyd). I do like Mercilus with this pick as well, but protecting Tony is more important to me, than rushing the opposing QB.

    2 - OC Peter Konz - Wisconsin
    We get the signal caller from OLine University. He will be the anchor in the middle of our OL.

    3 - ILB Mychal Kendricks - California
    He gives us great depth at a position of weakness just last season. Now we will have four young, athletic ILBs who can fly around the field and make things happen.

    4 - OLB Keenan Robinson - Texas
    This is my homer pick, even though I like Acho better. Still, Robinson gives us a versatile pick. He can play inside and out. He can play the pass or the run. He can play on ST.

    5 - TE Brian Linthicum - Michigan St.
    Versatile TE who can contribute both as a receiver and blocker. He is deceptively athletic.

    6 - SS Kelcie McCray - Arkansas St.
    A ballhawk (over 10 Ints in college). He has the size and speed we need in the secondary. He comes from a program that done a very good job of developing quality defensive units and players.

    Comp 6 - DT Akiem Hicks - Regina
    He has the size to anchor the middle of our DL, and the skillset to be distruptive as well. IMO, the only reason he falls this far is because he went to Regina, instead of a D1 school.

    7 - CB/FS - Brandon Hardin - Oregon St.
    Size, Speed, and Versatility. He can be a late round steal for us.

    QB Jordan Jefferson - LSU
    RB Lance Dunbar - North Texas
    WR Jermaine Kearse - Washington
    TE Josh Chichester - Louisville
    OG David Snow - Texas
    OT Josh Oglesby - Wisconsin
    OT Mike Ryan - Connecticut
    DL Markus Kuhn - NC State
    DL Chas Alecxih - Pittsburgh
    OLB Cordarro Law - Southern Miss
    OLB Adrian Hamilton - Prairie View
    CB Desmond Marrow - Toledo
    FS Neiko Thorpe - Auburn
    SS Lance Mitchell - Oregon St.
    SS Christian Scott - Texas
  2. BAT

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    I like the Kelcie McCray pick.
  3. Biggems

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    TY.....he is the one DB I have yet to waiver on in this year's draft. I cannot make up my mind when it comes to CB......since we won't be able to get Claiborne. I cannot fully decide on FS. But McCray seems to be the type of player at S that this team desperately needs.
  4. Skerr41

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    Not bad Biggems. I particularly like the Hicks pick.
  5. cowboysooner

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    I don't think Keenan Robinson is a 3-4 olb. I don't think he can set the edge and rush the passer. I think he is an inside linebacker in a 3-4. I think his best position is a SAM in a 43. Sam Acho, Orakpo or Sergio Kindle are 3-4 olbs not Robinson.

    I don't like this draft because unless we are giving Anthony Spencer big money we have no answer for OLB in 2013 and will have to also commit big money to either franchise Jenkins or sign him long term. In either case we have not done anything to help either our pass rush or coverage. Instead we have 5 inside linebackers with nowhere to play them.
  6. Gaede

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    Love it. Kendricks is an awesome player and a guy I hope we're still interested even after signing Carter.
  7. Biggems

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    then replace Robinson with Acho.....and we have our OLB.

    is your only issue after my draft our OLB status? If so, that is pretty good.
  8. cowboysooner

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    I don't like it because we are not adding a pressure player in the front 7 or a cornerback in the 1st 5 rounds, especially a pressure player. The draft does not address our biggest defensive weakness vs. the pass by improving our pressure or coverage. I like the 6th and 7th round guys and like alot of the players you picked, but I'm not sure it addresses our needs.

    Basically the 1st and 2nd round is OL overkill, especially for interior positions. I don't know any team that has drafted guard, guard or center guard. I think Kendricks is a good prospect but we have 3 good young inside linebackers. Where is he going to play. I don't think the younger Acho is as good of a pass rusher as the older one. I think Robinson and Acho are similar and neither can play olb in a 3-4.

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