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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Biggems, Jan 20, 2009.

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    Ok now I do not know how realistic this is, since some of these players seem to be soaring up the board. So here it goes.......With one of our 5ths, we traded down a few spots and added a 6th

    2 - CB/S Sean Smith Utah - 6'3 215
    I really hope he is still there when we draft. I have seen him in the first on a few mocks. I think he can be our future FS.....we just need him to fall to us at 52.

    3 - OLB Clay Matthews USC - 6'3 240
    I am not a huge fan of Trojan LBs. However, this kid can play. He is a 3rd generation NFLer. I know his dad and uncle are in the HOF, not sure if his grandfather is. However, those are some darn good genetics.

    4 - SS Jonathan Casillas Wisconsin - 6'2 225
    Silver Bear has warmed me up to this pick. He keeps comparing him to Darren Woodson. I have read up on the guy and he is fast, hits, and tackles. He has to be better than any SS we currently have on the team.

    4 - DE Roy Miller Texas - 6'1 300
    He played DT in college, and could even play it for the Cowboys. However, I move him to DE opposite Ratliff. I think he would wreak havoc on the end. He would open things up for our OLBs to rush the passer.

    5 - CB Joe Burnett UCF - 5'11 185
    I am not sure if he lasts till the 5th round, but I hope so. He is a ballhawking CB. We need playmakers in the secondary and he is definitely one.

    5 - ILB Jasper Brinkley USC - 6'2 270
    I am hoping he drops this far. I am not a big fan of his, but the kid can ball. He is a tackling machine, something the interior of our defense is sorely lacking.

    5 - WR Jarrett Dillard Rice - 5'11 185
    He is a touchdown machine. He is fast, quick, acrobatic, and will go after any ball....usually coming down with it, especially in the end zone. I want Quan Cosby, but Dillard is 3 years younger. I want Deon Butler, but Dillard is a proven commodity.

    6 - DT Sammie Lee Hill Stillman - 6'3 330
    He may go higher, but I am hoping that the small school thing holds him back. I think he is going to be a steal. He is a high character guy and plays like a beast.

    6 - OLB Lawrence Sidbury Richmond - 6'4 265
    You want smart.....this guy is one of the smartest guys in the draft. While at Richmond, he designed a computer program that his team used to calculate opponent defensive tendencies. The kid can get to the QB too.

    6 - QB Mike Reilly Central Washington - 6'3 215
    I have been on his bandwagon for a very long time. Since Colt is going back to UT, Reilly is my guy.

    7 - OT Ryan Delrosal Dixie St. - 6'5 313
    Big, athletic, agile....and can play both Tackle positions

    7 - OG George Bussey Louisville - 6'2 306
    Plays with a mean streak. A very good run blocker. Can get out and pull. Played OT in college, but most likely will be an OG in the NFL. His versatility is an asset.

    7 - OL Dallas Reynolds BYU - 6'5 330
    Can play all 5 OL positions. This type of versatility is valuable from your backups.
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    Roy Miller only stands 6'1", he'll be a NT in our scheme

    all-around solid mock, although I have to disagree that Dillard is fast, or quick, he's probably a 4.55 guy, he's just very smooth getting into his routes and catches everything
  3. Biggems

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    You are right about was a typo....thank you for catching that.

    As far as Dillard......whenever I see him, he is always open. So maybe it is because he does a great job with his routes more than his speed. I just know he doesn't get caught from behind when he catches it.
  4. Hostile

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    Best I have seen so far.
  5. Biggems

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    thanks....unfortunately I dont think Sean Smith will be there when we pick in the 2nd....if not, I take Clay Matthews there in a heart beat.
  6. Bob Sacamano

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    start thinking about taking Tenn DE Robert Ayers there

    he was getting the best of Michael Oher alot on Monday, and we like to draft those SEC guys
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    I like how you say you dont like USC LB, yet you have two of them on your mock draft.HA. But Ya I like those guys also. I really hope we could get Cushing and Sean Smith. Might have to move up 10-15 spots for them, but they fill two glaring needs immediatly(S and MLB).
  8. Biggems

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    u do realize that those are two different USCs right?

    Matthews = Southern Cal
    Brinkley = South Carolina
  9. SLATEmosphere

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    No wonder I couldnt think of a Brinkley on the Trojans defense..that clears alot up.thank you
  10. cowboyjoe

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    uh, i dont like this draft, like your other one better
  11. cowboyjoe

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    safeties are a tad slow at 4.54, i want a safety with speed to cover

    guy from stillman, he is intriguing, but you have him at 6-3, while on a few reports he is 6-7, thats too tall for nose tackle, maybe DE if he is that tall

    the guy from rice, granted dont know much about him but only 4.45 i want a wr with deep speed in 4.34 range here are some to look at
  12. cowboyjoe

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    16 Day Two Prospects with Surprising Speed


    QB Tyler Lorenzen ~ Connecticut (4.54) -- Speed is excellent for a player his size (6045, 221), meaning he could be tried at H-back or wide receiver if things don't work out at quarterback. Currently suffering from a leg injury.

    RB Devin Moore ~ Wyoming (4.41) -- Not real big at 5' 9", 185 pounds, but is lightning quick. Prototypical scatback prospect, who can do good things with limited touches (running and receiving) and help as a kick returner.

    RB Shun White ~ Navy (4.41) -- Super productive, 5' 8", 185 pounder, who could make it at the next level (N.F.L. or C.F.L.) due to his above average speed, great quickness and toughness. Military obligations, however, will likely mean he goes undrafted.

    RB Stanley Zwinggi ~ Texas State (4.36) -- Played in the 2004 U.S. Army All-American Bowl with many of the elite prospects in the nation. Some fans in the Lone Star state think he could be a faster version of Wes Welker, but he hasn't had the great college career Wes had.

    WR Shawn Bayes ~ Kent State (4.35) -- Not real big (5096, 177) and wasn't much of an impact player his first three seasons in college, but has really come on as a big play threat for Kent State as a senior.

    WR Chris Williams ~ New Mexico State (4.40) -- Very prolific receiver in Hal Mumme's high powered offense, but his slight build (5' 7", 153) will likely mean he'll have to make a N.F.L. team as a return specialist.

    WR Dominique Edison ~ Stephen F. Austin (4.42) -- Former high school track star is a big target (6' 2", 190) with lots of experience, surprising speed and reliable hands. Type of athlete that can really look outstanding at a Pro Day.

    WR Kole Heckendorf ~ North Dakota State (4.44) -- Another player that possesses decent size (6016, 188) and excellent speed. Has had a great career for the Bisons. Ex-Hockey player, so he's definitely not scared of physical contact.

    WR Quinten Lawrence ~ McNeese State (4.35) -- Currently considered a very solid latter round N.F.L. prospect by scouts, but could move up into the 3rd or 4th round area with a great Combine showing. 5' 11", 180 pound F.C.S. star is currently nursing a lower leg injury.

    TE Jameson Konz ~ Kent State ( 4.38) -- Amazingly, Kent asked this 6' 3" speedster to bulk up and play linebacker for three years. Finally moved to offense (H-Back/receiver) last spring, but he was injured early this season and redshirted. Will be fascinating to see if he re-emerges as a solid pro prospect in 2009 or just fades away?

    DE Connor Barwin ~ Cincinnati (4.63) -- Ex-Bearcats' hoopster has nice speed for a 6' 4', 253 pound athlete. Former tight end has the frame to add a few pounds and play defensive end and the agility to slim down and play linebacker at the next level. Fantastic special teams player.

    CB Sherrod Martin ~ Troy (4.46) -- In recent years Troy has produced some excellent defensive back prospects (McKelvin, Mack, Condren). Martin, who has nice size (6005, 190) and ample athletic ability, as well as fellow Trojan defensive back Terrance Moore are both on radar of N.F.L. scouts.

    CB Ryan Mouton ~ Hawaii (4.40) -- Mouton, who is only 5'9" and 180 pounds, is a top notch cornerback for the Warriors, who doesn't mind hitting people. But it's his ability as a kick returner that will get him a longer look from N.F.L. scouts.

    CB Domonique Johnson ~ Jackson State (4.37) -- Nice combination of size (6015, 185) and speed for this ex-Missouri Tiger. If he shows well in all-star games and workouts, he should be selected in 2009 N.F.L. draft.

    CB Jamar Love ~ Arkansas (4.42) -- Nice sized corner (6001, 195) wasn't highly ranked by scouts going into the season because he was mostly a backup the last few seasons, but could significantly improve his draft stock if he can quickly bounce back from thumb injury and play well.

    FS Tom Nelson ~ Illinois State (4.47) -- Pretty good speed for a nice-sized safety (5' 11", 195) that's widely regarded as a "overachiever". Prolific punt returner, who intercepted University of Missouri star Chase Daniel twice in 2007.

    DD.comment: All the 40 times, heights and weights we listed above came directly from N.F.L. sources. Despite the great 40 times, all 16 prospects entered this season with latter round or free agent projections from league scouts, but have the potential to move upwards by draft day. Also, it's very important to note that there is no guarantee that these players will duplicate these gaudy 40 times in the future, particularly if they run on different tracks or run in different weather conditions.
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    Good starting point, hard to get a feel this year when there is really no consensus on the top ten players in this years draft, permutations for us picking after 50 choices, yikes that hurts my brain. I commend you for taking safety first, sure would like to see OL/DT earlier this draft, the chance of a premium player with obvious talent will elude us at 51. We are hoping for the masked quality player if this years pick stands out he will not be available. I hope last years draft was not a fluke and that we have figured out how to evaluate talent with the rest of the Big Boys(sounds like I am whistling in the dark again). We hit a draft like we did last year and not even the eagles picking one pick behind us will provide a challenge(another whistle). Just a note it sure looks like a good draft to pick up a WR, you know Jerry will not be able to resist with all this speed and height available. Anyone else afraid and noticed this NFC east is frickin tough and a bad draft might get us trampled whether there are injuries or not. Apprentice to Master of the Obvious, Go Cowboys
  14. Biggems

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    Had we not traded for Roy...........I would have had us picking Sean Smith in the 1st round and WR Hakeem Nicks in the 2nd round........and still picking a Quan Cosby, Deon Butler, or Jarrett Dillard in the 5-6 round.
  15. TheCount

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    Good draft, however, I've had my fill of 7th round offensive linemen.
  16. cowboyjoe

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    yeah me too, we need some studs on the offensive line, and at least one stud on the defensive line;

    like nate newton said, this team needs a big young stud offensive linemen like erik williams was or larry allen was, and same thing on defensive line, because spears or canty dont scare anybody. You need at least one dominant defensive linemen. Kinda like when the cowboys had Haley, they also had Leon Lett.

    even the packer playes said, one player they feared on defensive line was leon lett
  17. Macnalty

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    Lets talk about who needs safeties before we get to 51
    1. Jags need OT before the safety
    2. Dolphins CB LB Safety this could take one from us
    3. Eagles OT, OG, Safety you know this would hurt
    4. Bears gotta believe Wide receiver then safety so that has them taking safety before us in the second
    5. Seahawks just the same as the bears hell
    6. Texans DE and safety yikes

    Looks like everyone get two bites of the apple before our turn except the eagles.
    Still feel like we can get Smith? I tend to agree with you, the opinions in this draft about the safeties are all over the board. Number one that kid from Missouri looks alot like our RW, the rest you could put a blanket over them and take your pick without too much liability. Just my take.
  18. L-O-Jete

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    The weables have 2 1st's IIRC so they too get 2 bites...
  19. irvin4evs

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    That's the first time I've seen Casillas being considered as a SS. I actually like him as Thomas' replacement.

    I don't know how his game would translate to the secondary.
  20. DFWJC

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    Does Dillard last until late Rd 5?

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