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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Biggems, Jan 20, 2009.

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    I'm not trying to diss, it's just that Casillas always looked like a LB to me. That could be more because of his ability to attack the LOS more than any lack of range or coverage ability, certainly.

    It's more of a fear of fixing something that isn't broke than a doubt of his ability to translate to safety, I guess. I've seen one work really, really well, and I've not seen the other at all, you know?
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    Who is the DC Cheerleader in your sig?
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    Remember how folks used to argue that he was a worse S than Roy? Boy, those were the days.
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    Never thought you were, irvin... this is a cordial disagreement...

    Well, if you think about it, you're also advocating a change in Casillas' basic style, you want him to bulk up 20 pounds... but what if he can't bulk up without losing the speed that makes him special??

    At 220 pounds, he's plenty fast enough to play strong safety, and has the size you want at that position... but will he just be an ordinary talent at 240, if he starts running 4.6 40s??

    Some folks can bulk up without losing their speed, some can't, so basically we're both doing a bit of projecting...

    But again, it's all good, to me this is a friendly discussion... feel free to disagree (if you don't have a problem with being wrong, LOL)...
  5. Biggems

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    Well, Donnie Edwards was about the same size and played LB.....maybe Casillas can do the same. I think he gives us the versatility to have a LB/S hybrid to mask some of what we are doing out there on the field at times.
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    nothing, because none of them were anywhere near as good as Woodson
  7. dbair1967

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    not even remotely close to the same class as Woodson, especially in coverage
  8. Biggems

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    had the Roy trade not happened, we could add a 1, 3, 6 and subtract a 7. I would have then traded down about 5-7 picks in the 1st and added a 2nd

    1-WR Percy Harvin (game breaker)
    2-FS Sean Smith
    2-OLB Clay Matthews
    3-C Eric Wood
    3-WR Brian Robiskie (possession guy)
    4-SS Jonathan Casillas
    4-DL Roy Miller
    5-CB Joe Burnett
    5-ILB Jasper Brinkley
    5c-DT Sammie Lee Hill
    6-CB Mark Parson
    6-OLB Laurence Sidbury
    6-QB Mike Reilly
    7-OG George Bussey
    7c-OL Dallas Reynolds

    QB - 1
    WR - 2
    OL - 3
    DL - 2
    LB - 3
    CB - 2
    S - 2

    OT Ryan Delrosal
    OT Sean Sester

    IMO, this draft would have been so sweet............but will never happen. it is still fun to contemplate the possibilities of what might have been.
  9. TheCount

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    Even if we hadn't traded for Roy, we'd never draft this many players. Probably 5 of them would make the roster, if that.

    At the end of the day this year, I won't be surprised if we end up with 6-7 players and of those, maybe 5 make the roster.

    If we let more FA's leave than usual, then maybe we keep more.
  10. Biggems

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    Well I see more that 5-7 making the roster...these players would most likely be gone

    QB - Johnson, Bartel
    FB - Cricket
    WR - Hurd
    TE - Curtis
    OL - Procter, Berger, McQuistan
    DT - Tank
    DE - ?
    LB - Thomas, Rogers, Carpenter, Ellis, Octavien
    CB - Henry, PacMan, Ball
    S - Watkins, Brown, Battle
    P - Sam P

    as far as FA goes.....the only FA I would even care to go after, besides our own would be FB Lorenzo Neal. Then we can run a blue collar, hardnosed power running game with Barber and Choice...and let Felix be our homerun threat.

    BTW, think about how fun our offense would have been with Felix and Percy on the field at the same time.
  11. ghst187

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    Overall, by far the best mock I've seen.

    2 - CB/S Sean Smith Utah - 6'3 215
    I LOVE this pick but I'm afraid it will take a Jason Witten-type steal to land him with our pick without a trade up. On my draft board here would also be OT Phil Loadholt, OG Duke Robinson and possibly FS Delmas

    3 - OLB Clay Matthews USC - 6'3 240
    Like this pick, also on my draft board here would be OL Herman Johnson, I would also consider WR Brian Robiskie

    4 - SS Jonathan Casillas Wisconsin - 6'2 225
    I'd be okay with this pick but combined with Sean Smith, we'd be forced to cut/trade someone significant i.e. RW or Henry I think if for no other reason than the money involved.
    On my board here is also: WR Brian Robiskie, QB Rhett Bomar, LB Zac Follett (sp?) and the DT from LSU with the french name

    4 - DE Roy Miller Texas - 6'1 300
    I would prefer to go with a WR, QB, LB, or OL with this pick depending on who's available.

    5 - CB Joe Burnett UCF - 5'11 185
    Ditto as entry above but we'll need one more CB from this draft, esp if he can return kicks. Can this guy?

    5 - ILB Jasper Brinkley USC - 6'2 270
    I love this pick, might be a reach to expect him to fall this far IMO.

    5 - WR Jarrett Dillard Rice - 5'11 185
    I LOVE this pick. We need a speedy guy. Sorry but Miles Austin doesn't do it for me. Dillard could turn out to be a gamer like guy Green Bay got a few years ago. Some guys just make plays.

    6 - DT Sammie Lee Hill Stillman - 6'3 330
    I LOVE this pick but we may have to use a fourth or fifth to get him and frankly, he'd be near the top of my list in those rounds too. We need this guy IMO.

    6 - OLB Lawrence Sidbury Richmond - 6'4 265
    don't know much about this guy but we probably need two LBs in this draft.

    6 - QB Mike Reilly Central Washington - 6'3 215
    I LOVE this pick, esp if we don't get Bomar earlier, and frankly if we do it might not be a bad idea either. We could use two QBs, although one of them probably needs to have some experience...although second thought I guess it didn't matter much for Flacco.

    7 - OT Ryan Delrosal Dixie St. - 6'5 313
    Have to take your word for it, don't know much about him but he sounds nice.

    7 - OG George Bussey Louisville - 6'2 306
    ditto as above

    7 - OL Dallas Reynolds BYU - 6'5 330
    ditto as above

    Overall, I think getting one dynamic gamer like Sean Smith, at least one LB that can contribute right away, a backup QB, a legit OL, and a NT, it will be a success. That's only 5 players with 9 picks not too much to ask lol, I hope JJ can do it however my faith is not strong.
  12. SLATEmosphere

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    If we could get Sean Smith and Clay Matthews in the draft I will buy everyone here drinks:toast2:
  13. Biggems

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    Overall, by far the best mock I've seen.

    Well like I stated in my original post.....he wont be around. He was a nobody, cause Utah is never really on TV, until late in the season and then he showed on the field that he is a legit 1st round prospect, but could slip into the early 2nd.

    He won't be there in the 3rd.....but if he is, I will be completely stoked. I see him possibly getting picked even before we come up in the 2nd.

    Right now we have Hamlin, Roy, Davis, Watkins, Brown, and Battle. I dont see us keeping Battle. Brown and Watkins are definitely expendable. That would make our Safety depth: Hamlin, Roy, Davis, Smith, Casillas...

    Roy is a stud....He is a rock in the middle of the DL. He is very good against the run, can play sideline to sideline, and will apply moderate pressure in the backfield. He may not be the biggest DT around, but he is one of the strongest. BTW, this is my one homer pick

    Yes he can return kicks. However, with Jones, Austin, Stanback, and Dillard....we have enough KRs. BTW, Burnett is an interception machine. Smith can play CB or S. We also have Newman, Henry, Scandrick, Jenkins, and Ball.

    Yea, I have serious doubts that he lasts this long, and I am not really a fan of his. However, we need an ILB. This guy is a tackling machine. I am banking on him being completely healthy, but other teams fearing that he isnt.

    I still cant decide between Dillard, Cosby, or Butler. The biggest reason I picked Dillard was because of his ability to completely sell out for the catch, especially in the end zone. I mean this guy is the Chris Carter of college....all he does is catch TDs.

    No way in Hades he lasts this mock is wishful thinking. His size, speed, and play are only part of his game. He is also intelligent, mature, well spoken, displays great character, and he gets IT.....yep, I would be surprised if he is still on the board after the 4th round.

    He is limited athletically....but he is a perfect guy if you want a passrushing specialist. He is very intelligent. You can read up about the computer program he designed to read defensive tendencies.

    I really like Reilly, however, I wouldnt be upset if we signed one of the young vet FAs instead. I really want Colt McCoy in Dallas. I am willing to wait a year for him.

    From past experience...we almost never draft anyone in my mocks.
  14. Manwiththeplan

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    He reminds me alot of Earl Bennett, who the bears drafted last year. He'll be a solid guy, but probably never be a #1
  15. DFWJC

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    I like it ok. These team slot only drafts are tough because we don't see who is projected to go earlier or later. I realize that you can't post 7-10 full rounds of picks, just saying....

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