News: Bigger Than Football: Cowboys’ Lee Attends Brent Trial

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    Mike Fisher for 105.3 The Fan | January 21, 2014 1:28 PM

    ALLAS, Texas (105.3 THE FAN) – It was the middle of July in 2006, and Troy Aikman was in possession of football’s most demanding schedule – overflowing with the rights and responsibilities that come with existing as a freshly-minted three-time Super Bowl-winning quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys. There was mostly the business of leading a football team.

    But Aikman couldn’t leave one member of that team behind.

    “It meant everything in the world to me,’’ Michael Irvin recently told me, reflecting on Aikman’s voluntary appearance in a Dallas courtroom to support a teammate embroiled in a sordid second-degree felony drug case. “It meant more than football, more than black and white. It meant he was my brother.’’

    Aikman and Irvin had forged an unusually close alliance as their Cowboys built from a 1-15 season to those Super Bowls. I have no indication that Josh Brent and Sean Lee share a similar bond.

    Yet there was Lee, attending Tuesday’s closing arguments in a Dallas courtroom sitting shoulder-to-shoulder with Brent, who now awaits jury deliberation after being charged with intoxication manslaughter in the December 2012 death of his friend, Cowboys practice-squadder Jerry Brown.

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    Hookers and blow is child's play compared to what this idiot Brent did. Pretty tired of the apologist media trying to compare him to Newton or Irvin.
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    You know..

    I remember when Eric Williams had his accident in his car that injured him so badly..

    he ended up retiring.. there had been rumors he had been drinking at the time but it was said..

    Car accidents happen but drinking and driving happens and you never think anybody will get hurt when you get behind the wheel.

    Its the same thing with people who drive and talk on the phone or text.

    You just can't be distracted and drive,too.

    The fact that Lee is there for him says a lot to me because Lee is our defensive leader.
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    Sean Lee is a mark for being there.

    Remember that massive hole at defensive tackle? Yeah, part of that is because Brent was a selfish moron. He diddnt care about the team when he drove drunk, and he deserves no team support.
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    I'm gonna just throw this into the mix since we're all talking about drinking and (and some adults) today have a habit of constantly checking their cell phones while driving, including sending and receiving text messages. The two activities don't mix, boys and girls. It's just as bad as driving under the influence with the same potential consequences.

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    DMN: Sound of Judge's gavel ruptures Cowboys ILB Sean Lee's ear drum
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    I'd suggest some anger management courses, bub.
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    The hatred towards Brent is overdone. He's an addict and because of that he killed his best friend, leaving his wife a widow and baby fatherless. I'm sure he feels great about all of that.

    Brent's human, and his problems are way bigger than football. I feel tremendous pity for the man and hope he can overcome his addiction once and for all.

    He has to pay for his actions, and even if he could magically do so instantaneously he doesn't belong in pro football where any slip could get him kicked off the team and let everyone down. He needs to pay for his crime, get rehab, and find work that doesn't put others in danger if he relapses.
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