Biggest Area's of need for 2010

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by kowboyMarlon, Jan 15, 2010.

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    The team for 2010 looks real solid. Almost all starters and back ups are under contract or are RFA next year so the threat of having to fill holes in our lineup is doubtful. LT is possision where I think we will probably go with Doug Free. So we will need a new swing Offensive Tackle.

    I think we will re-sign Sensebaugh, Mike Hamlin didn't play enough to prove anything, and obviously Watkins is no more than a Good Special Teamer and Backup player. We could Use a ball hawking Saftey.

    Kyle Kosier has been a solid LG however he is on the plus side of 30 and 2010 is his final year of his 5 year deal. Its possibble we may give him a 1-2 year extension, nontheless a long term replacement is needed. Its possible that Brewester could develope into that role. However we know just as much about him as we did last spring. I believe we will Draft a OG early in the draft. I saw a mock with the Cowboys taking Mike Iupata from Idaho in round 1. I doubt that very much! first of all we like the LG to be more athletic because we like to run to the right side behing big Leonard Davis, but we like to pull our guards especially LG so a more athletic OG is more likely. Pay really close atension to the Pouncey kid from Florida especially because he has started at Center for 2 years while he also started at OG as a True Freshman. He could replace Procter and Montre Holland. I know we did not want to cary 10 OL this year. I have seen teams only carry 8 OL on the 53 man roster. His versatilty is what all teams crave plus he will certainly be a solid starter some day.

    Although Roy Williams has kinda under achieved... the thought that he will be cut is rediculous. However we do need another Young explosive WR to develope to eventually replace Roy Williams. Crayton seems perfectly suited to be a #3 WR... Ogletree is his apparent replacement as a slot WR. If Hurd is back he is only a backup. So a young Future young explosive WR seems to be a priority during this draft.

    Its my opinion that you can never have too many Pass rushers. I like Victor Butler alot. If he is your #4 OLB then your #3 OLB must be a hell of a player. I would draft another OLB to spell Ware and Spencer. Even if we do this, he may not beat out Butler. However I like the competition of training camp. I would love to sign a veteran 3-4 OLB like Joey Prter who seems unlikely to return to miami. but because of the new rule about signing unrestricted FA if you are in the final 8 teams makes a move like that unlikely if not impossible. So an Athletic 3-4 OLB pass rusher in the middle rounds seems likely

    all cowboy fans can see that the kick game has been eradict at best. A PK that can consistantly make FG's of at least 45 yards is a must
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    My Mock draft

    1) Earl Thomas S Texas

    2) Maurkice Pouncy C/G Florida

    3) Jason Worilds OLB Virginia Tech

    although we need a OT I dont see alot of value ouside the top 4 players. I think Bruce Campbell of Maryland has as much potential as any Tackle in the draft. He will be gome by the end of the 2nd rould when the Cowboys draft. B/c he only has 17 career starts I would't take him in the 1st round. Earl Thomas will be the best player in a need position.
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    I think you are forgetting about 2009 4th rounder Brandon Williams.

    Next training camp, he'll be all of 21 years old with a year in a NFL weightroom under his belt. Very excited about his potential.
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    Yep, you are forgetting about Brandon Williams.

    We don't need another WR.

    Pouncey doesn't fall below the 40's.
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    What did Williams do this year to make you believe he is the answer. I know he got hurt, but how are you soo sure he isn't Stanback? I don't have a problem with making Brandon Williams compete to earn a roster spot. besides he still has practice squad eligibilty.

    If pouncy is gone then I would take the next best player, maybe jordan Shipley. He would beat out Hurd and he could help the return game. Felix will not return kicks next year.
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    Sadly, I doubt Jerry will want to tie up any more money in the WR position since he got ripped off so badly and is still married to RW due to the contract. He will also owe Miles big money this offseason. I'd love to upgrade the position but I don't see it happening in the first, probably not the second either and that saddens me. Earl Thomas would be a great pick at a position of longterm need, however, if we're going to make another run at a title next year do you really want a rookie QB'ing your secondary? Sensabaugh will be brought back rest assured and no one is beating him out. Hamlin may not make enough plays but he's not getting us beaten either. We may be one injury away from having a gaping hole at ILB so that's a need. I'd love to upgrade Carpenter and Daryl Washington from TCU could be that guy, dude is crazy fast of course hopefully Jason Williams, who is also crazy fast becomes that guy. I think Brandon Sharpe is a hidden gem as a OLB in the mold of A Spencer. I think we HAVE to take two OL in this draft. One probably plays G/C and the other is a T. I love Iupati but he will be gone by our pick. Iupati can play some T also but I really suspect he will be a Steeler.
    We may get a break on the kicker thing though, that is if we are truly done with Folk or he can't get his mojo back. Leigh Tiffin may slip because I don't think he's strong on kickoffs. We won't need him to KO, just hit a dang fg consistently from 40 yrds. We should also get a shot at Hunter Lawrence who I like. We don't have a fifth currently but we should be able to get a K in the sixth if we want
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    Same thing Romo, Austin, Ratliff did first couple of years.

    If you think we are going to draft a OLB this year and scrap trying to develop Butler/Williams you are out of your mind.

    Draft picks are far to valuable to give up on so quick.

    And use another high pick on a guy who is nothing but a maybe just like Butler and Williams?

    That would be the same exact thing as drafting another QB right now and cutting McGee.

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