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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by wick, Aug 18, 2013.

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    It's way early, but it looks to me like we are making a concerted effort to be more aggressive in the passing game so far this preseason. I've long maintained that the key for a Romo offense is attacking vertically in the passing game, and it's something we've gotten progressively worse at since Garrett took over. Here is Romo's net yards per pass attempt for every season in his career:

    2006: 7.76
    2007: 7.42

    2008: 7.07
    2009: 7.34
    2010: 7.11
    2011: 7.09
    2012: 6.78

    We made the playoffs in the three seasons with the highest net yards per attempt and missed the playoffs in the four seasons with the lowest average. in the first two preseason games, Romo has average 11.0 and 14.2 yards per attempt, much of it on vertical throws or crossing/slant patterns that are designed to pick up significant yards after the catch. That's the type of offense that made us so explosive in 2006 and 2007 but has been marginalized since. If what we have seen in the last two preseason games is a harbinger of what is to come, Dallas could have a very effective offense in 2013.
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    Witten's low yards per reception contributed to the decline last season - 110 receptions at a 9.4 yards per reception dropped Romo's average per attempt. Witten's 9.4 yards per reception was 2 yards less than his 2011 average.

    My shifting more of the receptions to WRs Romo's net yards per attempt will rise.
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    Very interesting analysis. I've long felt we do not attack vertically enough.
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    This is all about Witten. When TO was here he was in Romos ear so much we had to give him the ball. Then in 2009 teams took Witten away and made Miles beat them and he did with deep routes. I've long said that Romos dependence on Witten hampers the offense. People can say its because he doesn't trust other guys. Well, the other guys look like they have a better grasp of the offense so I want to see less Witten.
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    100% agree.
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    Cosign. +rep
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    That's good analysis!

    I wonder if the lower YPA the last couple seasons was due somewhat to the weak running game and the temptation to go more towards a short passing game to move the chains.
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    To attack vertically down the field, the QB needs time for the plays to develop. With the declining play of the OL, Romo hasn't had that kind of time. Plus, Austin is perhaps our best true deep threat, and with him being beset by injuries, I think that's taken away from the vertical game as well.
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    That's on Garrett dude. When is the last time we saw tony rollout? Smhhhhh disgusting. Rodgers line has been terrible and they roll him out the pocket religiously.
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    Disgusting? Really? As in, makes you want to puke disgusting? Okay. As far as GB, I don't watch enough GB to know how often they actually roll Rodgers out, but in the games of his I have seen, it's been a few times. I wouldn't say it happens religiously. Could they add some designed roll outs for Romo? Perhaps. But maybe Romo isn't comfortable rolling out. Plus, the more you roll out a QB, the more you expose him. Rolling out also limits your passing area to maybe half the field, and since the QB is most likely on the move when throwing, I don't see how that helps the vertical game, unless you have a Brett Favre like arm. Besides, as much of a risk taker as Romo is, do really want him in a position where he'll be tempted to throw back across his body? Because that's what will happen.
  11. Jarv

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    where did you hear Romo isn't comfortable rolling out?
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    My theory too!!!
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    Still hoping for a more balanced attack with the running game. Don't think the team is showing their hand yet.
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    No way you have seen our real offense, these are all just plain vanilla calls.
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    I didn't. Just a theory. But really more of a point that there are usually a number of factors that go into why they do what they do, that we don't realize.
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    The stats coincide with our OL decline. Qbs have to dump off to rbs and tes when they don't have time to throw downfield. Don't blame witten or this silly bff stuff.
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    I cannot disagree. No disrespect to Witten's game, but I see this too.
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  18. Corso

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    I'm hoping better O-line play will result in more passes to the WR's.
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    It's why I've suggested Terrance Williams is so vital to the success of our offense this year. The less we rely on Witten to be involved in the passing game, the better our offense will be. The difference in YPC and YAC between Williams and Witten can be immense. You then throw in Escobar/Hanna and as you see Witten's involvement decrease, we should see our yards and points improve.

    Marching down the field getting first downs with Witten and hoping that we don't shoot ourselves in the foot in the process, just hasn't been working. Minus the fumbles, we've saw a lot of that on Saturday.

    Romo went 7/10 for 142 yards. Witten didn't have a single catch. Dez put up 74 yards in less than a half of football.

    You throw in connecting with Williams, and consistency in the running game, and the offense should be much better.
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    Romo has to be protected better to let him be able to look up field.

    Witten is usually the 2nd or 3rd option..unless it's trying to pickup a 1st down.

    Then Witten will get his conversions.

    But I agree..

    ..30 less catches to Witten means a more vertical passing attack.

    Romo to me has almost been playing a West Coast offense sort of throw the ball short and get rid of it so as not take a hit.

    Which I understand, given his injuries and the weaknesses in the offense up the middle.

    But with Frederick there..he should be able to step up and throw down the middle of the field.

    But we'll see.

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