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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by LatinMind, Nov 9, 2012.

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    Eh, idk.. i mean there's no doubt in my mind that this team can move the ball down the field when we arn't shooting ourselves in the foot. Just seems to be far too many times where we kill our own drives with dumb penalties, turnovers, sloppy mistakes, etc..

    Things that we blamed Wade's coaching for.. even though JG was running the offense then, too. I really do feel that we have the talent, just not the coaching or accountability to succeed.
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    Couldn't agree with you more, this year's team and last year's for that matter would be going to the playoffs year in and year out with some of the coaches you mentioned.
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    In order...

    -Poor drafting
    -Poor trading/personnel moves. Extending players too early for too long for too much.
    -Lack of vision for the franchise
    -Sub standard coaching
    -Poor execution by the players
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    I agree. The offense can move the ball when they get out of their own way.

    Provided they even do that, there's still another problem.

    Redzone offense in terms of % of TDs for all the trips to the redzone.

    They're tied with Arizona for 26th this year.

    2011: 20th

    2010: 9th (Somehow)

    2009: 18th

    2008: 8th

    2007: 15th

    Dallas has struggled in the Redzone.

    Turning the ball over fewer times will help but if they can't get better at scoring in the Redzone it's still gonna be tough.
  5. RoyTheHammer

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    That seems to be another JG problem. Seems like our offense is good every year but struggles in the Red Zone every year, too.
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    In the feet. I see what you did there. Nice analogy.
  7. LatinMind

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    cant the coach design a system that plays to the players strengths? like denver has done with D Thomas? How is that working out? Like the viklings did for Randy Moss? Like NE has done for Wrs like all their average WRs aside from Welker. And welker himself wasnt anything special before NE.

    Garretts system isnt good for Romo.
  8. LatinMind

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    Well if you want to get realistic, Just look at the way Garrett plays the redzone with his play calling. Thanks for bringing up another good point about garrett being a bad coach.
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    The main point im trying to make about Jerry is the guy embarrasses himself enough with stupid antics and interviews. Has in the past embarrassed himself with football decisions. But not now. This is a good young deep team. Look at the injuries theyve had and none have really crippled the team. When Lee went down everybody swore the defense was crumble. Theyre playing very good.

    At this moment in time Jerry has given Garrett everything he's needed to produce a winner. The OL was a mess because of injuries and its better. Still has a big missing piece but its better. The OL could be better but you cant fix everything in a offseason. Some of you need to put away ur madden games and realise the salary cap is real.

    Jerry is a GM. He's not the best Gm in the NFL but nowhere is he the worst.
  10. 17yearsandcounting

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    Arizona and Baltimore say HI.
  11. percyhoward

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    Dallas Offense, 2012
    64 Red Zone Plays
    66% pass 34% run
    42 pass plays, 6 TD (74.4 rating)
    24 run plays, 3 TD

    NY Giants Offense, 2012
    102 Red Zone Plays
    44% pass 56% run
    45 pass plays, 7 TD (78.2 rating)
    57 run plays, 10 TD
  12. Hoofbite

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    Two thoughts.

    1. How do you get into a position to need to "fix everything" in the first place?

    2. Dallas could have brought in capable OL. They had cap space, they just opted to put it elsewhere. 9M to Spencer would have gone a long way on the OL.

    The answer to #1 is simple. You get in that position by:

    A) Crappy drafting. Multiple bad drafts, not just one.

    Two 1st round picks in 2008 and it's possible neither are in Dallas next year and neither has been a guy that anyone would likely advocate spending a 1st rounder on at this point in time. Martellus Bennett should have never been drafted in the first place. An absolutely horrid sequence of events in trading away Fasano for a guy who was big and could jump really high.

    2009 was an absolute disaster from top to bottom except for a couple of serviceable backups.

    B) Over-evaluating players both on your own team and on others. The Roy Williams trade absolutely screwed Dallas. The return on that was so horrid it's not even funny. The missed Martellus Bennett was another mistake stacked right on top of drafting him to begin with.

    C) Paying guys money they shouldn't get. Guaranteeing Hamlin 15M and then cutting him 2 years later. Dallas still has cap space dedicated to Marion Barber and Leonard Davis and they haven't played for the team for 2 years. Throw on Newman's dead space and that's over 11M according to Spotrac. Not to be outdone though, 9M to Spencer this last offseason for 1 single year and then.............who knows.

    You can say that it's not possible to fix everything in one offseason but the fact that there was an entire OL and an entire secondary to fix is a reflection of management. Also, the fact that Dallas is still going to be fixing the OL again next offseason is another reflection of management and the possibility that they will have another hole at OLB next year because they handled the Spencer situation so awfully is yet another reflection. They tied up money on Spencer and went cheap on the OL. Now they have to still address the OL and they will have to address OLB.
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    Tell them I said 'hello.' Especially Arizona, since I haven't seen them in forever.
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    That Garrett needs to learn how to call plays!!
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    not being able to run at all in the red zone is a HUGE edge to the D

    They can ignore the run and concentrate on the pass and with a much smaller area to defend they have a HUGE advantage.

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