Biggest let down so far?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Galian Beast, Aug 23, 2013.

  1. pancakeman

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    +1 for Matt Johnson
  2. xwalker

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    Injuries to:
    Parnell: More physical talent than Free, but needed every possible rep in TC.
    Leary: Looks like the real deal, but first had a hamstring injury and now the knee.
    Matt Johnson: I think he can play if healthy, but that might never happen.

    Disappointed but less concerned about:
    Ratliff: I think they decided before TC to hold him out and just used the hamstring as an excuse.
    Spencer: I think he will be fine.
    Crawford: They'll find other guys to do the job there. Bass appears to be a similar player.
    Livings: Leary's better when both are healthy.
    Webb: They have 4 guys in front of him. I didn't expect much from a small school 4th round pick this year.
    Escobar: I only expect significant contributions from 1st round picks. Second round picks like Lee, Carter etc. didn't do that much in their first year.
    Kowalski: Didn't look very good in the scrimmage and can't stay healthy.

    Don't care:

    Danny Coale: Would get minimal playing time if healthy. Other guys like Green appear to have similar upside for the practice squad.

    Frederick is the man.
    Will Allen looks like a solid starter.
    Wilcox looks like a future starter.
    Leary's talent is the real deal.
    Free appears to have improved.
    Sims has been very good and could challenge Durant for starting time.
    Holloman appears to be future starter.
    Arkin is better then expected.
    Defensive scheme looks much better than the previous one.
    Dunbar is a weapon when healthy.
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  3. EGG

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    For me, the main letdown was finding out that team has been mismanaged even worse than I thought. The inferior on-the-field product was always obvious and easy to foretell, but until recently I didn't realize the extent of their cap problems and the fact that this team will face even worse cap problems next year. To mortgage the future like that and to get absolutely no return on your investment,,, ay ay ay...
  4. Ren

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    Same as every year, teams looks sloppy specially in the redzone it's a mistake orgy every time they get down there. They never seem to get better at this and it's frustrating to watch
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  5. RS12

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    O line still a mess.
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  6. Zimmy Lives

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    Its too early for letdowns but Livings has been a huge disappointment if that's possible.
  7. dallasfan4lizife

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    Claiborne without a doubt. I don't know if he's even made progress since last season.
  8. boysfanindc

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    I really thought we where going to see Waters wearing a star, think he could have been a difference maker at G for a year.

    Matt Johnson, this guy looks to really have something when he is on the field, but that's the problem he does not see the field.

    Church, still have hope, but was hoping to see him look better then he has in limited duty.

    OL and Safety positions, I think are improved over last year, but are the improved enough? Time will tell. Outside of injuries, I think these two groups will determine what kind of season we have.

    Because the rest of the team looks solid.
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  9. erod

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    Waters may well be coming here.

    Agreed on Johnson.

    Church has been fantastic all camp. Not sure what you're seeing.

    Safety looks solid. O-line looks promising with health, but a guard is needed in the worst way unless Free can play it.
  10. AmericanCowboy

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    Claiborne. I'm starting to lose faith in this guy and find it very odd that he has been hurt both training camps....seems like hes milking these injuries of his to get out of practicing.
  11. nake

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    For whatever reason, our running game seems to be back to business as usual, meaning no gain, or a yard or two, interrupted occasionally by a decent run for 8-10 yards. When you add it up, we aren't running the ball effectively and consistently. I really hope this changes against the Bengals first team defense.
  12. CATCH17

    CATCH17 1st Round Pick

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    I'm not getting the disappointment in Barry Church.

    Im disappointed with the front office for not getting some better options in free agency at the guard position.

    I actually feel pretty good about the rest of the team.

    Veteran players missing time doesn't really bother me. I'll be disappointed if it carries over to the regular season.
  13. 187beatdown

    187beatdown Lack of Big Plays

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    The first team offense has looked like garbage so far. Hopefully that changes.

    I think defense has been very good, though. Don't get why people think the secondary is bad.
  14. cowboys2233

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    Unfortunately, an awful O-line can nullify all the good we've done in other areas. All of it. I hope this crew comes together in some miraculous fashion this season, I really do.

    MURPHYDAN New Member

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    +2 Matt Johnson, also hoped Webb would challenge Scandrick in camp.

  16. coult44

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    1) How can OL be a letdown in the preseason? We did NOTHING to fix it other than draft one center. Did you guys expect something different? Other than what I will say below, I expected this.

    2) How can the safeties be a let down? Matt Johnson was never proven and anointed on ZERO merits? Church has NEVER stayed on the field. And we drafted another guy who only played the position for one season. We knew going into preseason it would be the same old crap at S.

    3) How can Orton be a letdown? He's a backup QB. He's never had starter capabilities. He's fine for back up.

    4) Have y'all been watching any other NFL news this off season. Injuries have been a huge factor on almost every team. The reasons: Players fought to have less practice in the off season, and contact during TC and the regular season. They have gotten what they asked for. The weight room, the track, the hills, the sand, or the mountains are not the same as game speed and sometimes hard 2-a-days practices. The NFL is the other culprit. These rule changes will backfire on them, or will cause them to change the game even more. I see a day where you can only tackle from belt to numbers. When you won't let guys play football and tell them not to concentrate on hitting high, knees are going to get blown out. The next move is to say you can't hit the knees. SMH

    With all that being said. The biggest disappointment for me has been Mo Claiborne's injury, and lack of knowledge about it. Next would be the big FAILS on bringing in any OL help once the injuries to our unproven All Pros started mounting up. There have been other teams go out and find other guys that will contribute and start for their teams. It blows my mind we can't find a way to get one or two more guys in here that are better than Livings, Arkin, Bernie, Cook, Killer, Leary, and Parnell...None of these guys would see the field on contending teams....
  17. 03EBZ06

    03EBZ06 Need2Speed

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    Another vote for Matt Johnson. I'm not sure how much more of patience Coaching staff have in him but it's got to be very thin by now.
  18. KJJ

    KJJ You Have an Axe to Grind

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    So far in preseason the Cowboys still look like an 8-8 team. We're still seeing the redzone penalties and the injuries. We're in the minus column on turnovers. The first team offense hasn't looked real sharp only scoring 3 points. Looks like nothing has changed we'll see how it goes once the regular season starts.
  19. dart

    dart Benched

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    Eric Rogers - he has dissapeared
  20. LatinMind

    LatinMind iPhotoshop

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    so people are down on pass defense where the starters really havent played much at all? Az is going to do that to alot of people this yr. People forget how good of a QB Palmer is.

    Dallas fanbase cry too much over anything.

    OL is going to be a on again off again problem if injuries continue. IMO Dallas has found 2 new solid starters in Frederick and Leary. Tyron isnt a probowler but he's going to be servicable. I dont think he'll be a LT for Dallas much longer tho. I think after this yr the team will end up switching him back over to the right side and part way with Free. Free has improved in all areas in his game this yr, but he's not going to be in Dallas next yr i dont think. Dallas still hasnt found its RG. Arkin IMO should start tho. The best lineup theyve gone with is Tyron | Leary | Frederick | Arkin | Free. Maybe they'd move Free inside to keep him on the team next yr. Dallas needs a LT next yr.

    Crawford was a big injury when it happened. But Selvie has all but erased any memory for me that Crawford would've been.

    Before we cry ourselves a mississippi on the passing defense lets let this secondary actually play. They should play a half vs the Bengals.

    My biggest disappointment is Jay Ratliff. Guy is a waste. They should cut him. And bring in a couple of DTs

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