News: Biggest NFL mess right now: Cowboys, Vikings or Redskins?

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by dcfanatic, Nov 2, 2010.

  1. dcfanatic

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    ESPN ran a national poll tonight asking this question and guess who won...


    Jerry Jones puts an even bigger target on the back of this team with all the off the field nonsense and it's getting old.

    In the locker room video the other day he was talking about all the pride and blah blah blah and I specifically remember him throwing in Cowboys Stadium as if it had something to do with wins and losses.

    I can't even imagine the anguish we are all going to feel come February when Cowboys Stadium is the center of the universe and the Cowboys just finished up the most disappointing season in team history.
  2. ShiningStar

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    duh americas team is going to be hated more than others, Jerry has nothing to do with that, that goes back decades so dont be blaming Jerry for that. Owner, Coach, any part of this organization is spot light material.
  3. casmith07

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    I think Minnesota and the Skins are bigger messes.

    At least our only main problem is losing football games. We don't have a QB controvery brewing between a perennial winner and Rex Grossman, or a 40 year old diva QB and a jilted WR that we just traded for 3 weeks ago getting cut AND losing football games.
  4. Bibby

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    I'm not sure why the Redskins are even included in this poll? I guess America thinks the same since it looks like they only got about 3% of the vote. McNabb will start against Philly, end of discussion ESPN.
  5. rocyaice

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    Cowboys are but for whatever reason the Vikings and Deadskins both want to keep the Cowboys company. Cowboys are simply underachieving. The Vikings are underachieving and screwing up there organization. Deadskins just love .500 football so they're doing what they can to stay there. Really a shame.

    To me Deadskins were a joke when they had a receiving core of Armstrong, Joey Galloway and Moss on the 1st game of the season. That personnel on that team is pathetic.
  6. tupperware

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    Well, think about it. Closing down Texas stadium and how fitting was the loss there? Bust off 2 back to back runs of like 50+ to seal the game.

    How fitting was it to open Cowboys Stadium? Let Eli Manning and the Giants beat us and then scribble in our locker rooms.

    So I'd expect nothing less than a disastrous season in the season where we host the Super Bowl. Our boys will never let us down.
  7. Idgit

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    Can you imagine what it would be like if a married Tony Romo had been caught mailing pictures of his business to unwanted recipients while leading the league in turnovers? Or if we'd cut Roy Williams after trading a third for him and letting him play all of four games? Or if we were losing games because our coach didn't know how to use a challenge properly? Vikings win Most Dysfunctional in a landslide this year. It'd be so much fun if we weren't worse and if they hadn't beat us head:head.
  8. Ren

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    Cowboys by far, this team isn't even trying
  9. EPL0c0

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    this is what has bugged me the last couple of games. There does seem to be a lack of emotion (especially on defense). It bums me out watching other teams and guys flying around making plays.

    Maybe it's just that the Dallas talent level was highly overrated and these guys just flat out suck. That would at least make me feel better than if it's a total lack of effort.
  10. Beast_from_East

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    At least we didnt trade away picks to "rent" players. That is up your future.
  11. McLovin

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    And yet 1-0 against us
  12. odog422

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    So is blowing an almost entire draft where you had 12 picks....
  13. big dog cowboy

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    My only surprise is that we didn't get a higher percentage of the vote.
  14. Beast_from_East

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    Good Point.:(
  15. ConcordCowboy

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    Let's see...both the Redskins and the Vikings...who are a mess...have beaten the Cowboys.

    It's not even close.

    Calling the Cowboys a mess is an insult to the word mess.
  16. jimmy40

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    The Cowboys have to hire a new coach that will have to be a yes man to Jerry Jones. How bigger of a mess can you be?
  17. CATCH17

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    No way.

    Dallas by a landslide.

    We may bounce back from our mess next year easier than these 2 but nobody is currently as deep in the gutter as we are.

    Not to mention both of those teams beat us WITH our starting QB.
  18. ZeroClub

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    The Vikings are jumping and squirming about like a decapitated chicken.
    The Cowboys are merely dead.
    The Redskins actually have some life to them.

    I'd say the Vikings are the biggest mess.
  19. Idgit

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    There's more than losing going on in MIN. You've got Brett Favre putting an unimpressive exclamation point at the end of a career, the text messages with pics of his small, flacid *****, the coach in hot water with ownership, the trade for Moss, the cutting of Moss, calls for the coach to be fired outright and Moss retained from the fans, you've got Favre getting knocked silly and doing press conferences goofy on pain meds. You've got 2 wins for a Superbowl contender taking it's last realistic shot at the dance. It's Minny by a landslide if we step back and take a look beyond our own problems.
  20. jobberone

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    I don't care about the Skins or MN.

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