Bill Parcells is the most overrated football coach of all time

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by maestro, Sep 21, 2004.

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    I meant the Patriots..sorry. Bill is a great coach because he motivates players to play above and beyond their means. But he is not a great coach when it comes to strategy and player personnel.

    I don't like Quincy Carter. But it's not like we had anyone better on our roster. You can cut Quincy the next year but to cut him when your backups are Testaverde and an extremely green rookie is downright stupid.
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    I guarantee you that Parcells will be owned by Gibbs this weekend. Parcells was great when he had Belichek but now that his strategist is gone, this is going to get ugly. Gibbs, a true football genius, is going to expose Parcells. Gibbs isn't about shouting. He get down the X's and O's. Parcells isn't going out think Gibbs.
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    again, bellichick has been able to mold his team for 5 years. Guess what his first year record was? 5-11.
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    No one "exposes" Parcells. They expose the players who dont follow his game plan. If they execute his gameplan every game, Dallas would be 16-0 because Parcells knows how to prepare.

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