News: Bill Parcells: Perception of Jerry Jones is distorted; Enjoyed time in Dallas

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Jul 17, 2013.

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    I hope you realize how silly your take is. When Jimmy was here, he made the decisions on football matters, not Jerry. Jimmy said many times in interviews (both before he left the cowboys and after) that he had written into his contract the power of full control in all matters relating to football. He stated that he would not have agreed to leave Miami without that proviso in the contract. His belief was that Jerry agreed to this because he (Jerry) realized he needed to concentrate his focus on straightening out the Cowboy's finances after the mess Bum Bright left. He also stated that, in his opinion, Jerry would never allow anyone to have that power again. Thus 1996 - 2012 (my opinion, not Jimmy's).

    You, however, are fully within your rights to believe that Jerry came into the NFL with:
    1. A plan to build a championship team
    2. He executed that plan
    3. He won 3 SBs in 4 years
    4. He then somehow promptly forgot everything he knew coming into the NFL for the next 18 years (and counting).

    You are also allowed to believe in Santa Claus, The Tooth Fairy and The Easter Bunny. Hope you enjoy your fantasies!

    Monte Sliger
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    I don't believe any of those silly things, nor would I dispute the obvious role Jimmy played in those championships. None of that is the same thing as saying I had as much of a hand in those wins as the team owner did which is, of course, an absurd argument to try to make.

    It's ok to be critical of Jerry without going to such an extreme that it invalidates your actual point.
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    100% accurate and spot on
    if this team wins it will be inspite of jerry not becasue of him
    it is completely beyond me how people still cannot see this despite 18 years of drivel and mediocrity
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    Agreed on your points.

    I think Parcells knows he didn't get the job done and is being very complimentary to the Jones'. Whatever. Parcells had everything he wanted here in Dallas and still failed to win Championships.

    So the things he says about Jones and his son should be that way. If only to keep the blame being directed at himself. I like Parcells. But he tried to win with Romo and it just doesn't work. Before Romo blew up it was Drew Blodsoe with Parcells.

    Phillips tried too and found out.

    Romo is a coach killer and he's going to kill Redball, too this season. No question in my mind.

    Then the big question to me is "What coach can come in and fix Romo with his big contract and his poor play in big situations..?"

    Bill Cowher says he doesn't want to coach again.

    Now who..?
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    Please, please take reading comprehension classes soon to avoid further embarrassment. In simple terms (for your benefit) what I said was you, me and by extension every other fan in existence, had as much (i.e. not more) influence on the building of the early 90's championship roster as Jerry did. The only thing that Jerry did was write the checks to fulfill Jimmy's plan. If you wish to consider that as having influence over the planning, then OK. I don't. I believe that Jerry could have wrecked the plan, but had no input into the plan.

    Monte Sliger
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    Yeah, I don't think I was confused by your point, and I'm certainly not embarrassed. I only think that it's naive to believe Jerry Jones was not more involved than either you or I were in how those teams were put together.
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    Perfectly OK by me. As I said before, everyone is allowed to believe whatever delusions they choose to. I prefer to believe in what Jimmy, some of his coaches and some of the older beat writers have said over the years - i.e. Jimmy had full (emphasize full) control of all football operations while Jerry controlled the financial side where he did (and still does) a masterful job. Jerry is a great owner (except for retaining his GM), but a lousy GM.

    Monte Sliger
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    There's no Santa Claus? :(
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