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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by ravikaku, Oct 25, 2005.

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    I think Parcells really needs to stop with the conservative playcalling. Cowboys have weapons in all postions that makes plays. I understand about the line but he could always put bledsoe in shotgun. I have seen time after time with 3rd and 10 or more they try to run the ball when they have glenn johnson witten and price to throw it to. Its real frustrationg to watch the cowboys keep thier oponet in check through out the game and then lose at the ver end casue they are trying to run out the clock by running when they should just keep scoring. I would blame some of the losses on the play calling just becasue it just hasnt been up to par. Hopefully when julius comes back everything opens up and we start winning and go back to the top the division where we belong.
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    And yep, you're definitely preaching to the choir. I think we'd all like to see them open it up.
  3. AbeBeta

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    Come on -- do you really want your first post to be another "bad playcalling" post? Let's bring some originality.
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    you dont know what your talking about .
  5. JackMagist

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    Sounded like he knew what he was talking about to me. The one BIG win we have was against the Eagles and that is how we won. Granted this is a beat to death topic but he is still right.
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    No, he really doesn't know what he's talking about.

    People that don't know what they're talking about tend to cry, "Playcalling!" when things aren't going good.

    We called 28 pass plays and got sacked 4 times. Even Dan Campbell said that on the deep plays we did call Bledsoe didn't have time.

    LEarn the game. It's not playcalling, it's execution. Not to mention "being aggressive" in the rain is a recipe for disaster.
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    post like this are starting to sound like Charlie Brown's teacher.
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    If the right plays had been called the execution would have had a better chance. Our best runs come off of delays and draws. Sometimes you have to set up the other team. You have to set up the run by passing first and then it will work in reverse when they start watching for the run.

    Good play calling can compensate for another team stopping what you are trying to do. We are inflexible in our approach and if you cannot adapt when you plan doesn't work then you cannot win. Perhaps YOU should learn the game yourself.
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    :welcome: to the forum.

    Hope you enjoy it here. The boat is rocking.

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    DUDE What in the world...........
    Originally Posted by cowboys101
    I made a thread last week about Bill being to conservative on Offense and everyone just blew me off. Well guess freaking what? We lose another game because Bill is too conservative !

    Two turnovers in the redzone and he is ok with a field goal!

    Im so sick of Bill and his conservative game plan. You need to score in todays NFL. You need to put teams away. If you leave teams in the game like this you will lose half of them.

    I feel bad for a great defensive effort!

    And I don't blame Bledsoe at all! It should have never came down to that.

    What a joke!

    Bill needs to go! This isnt the late 80's or early 90's NFL!

    You can Play to not lose! You play to freaking Win!

    You would think he would have learned from the Redskins, Giants games.

    Screw Bill!

    I hate to break this to you, being that your obviously a HUGE Cowboys fan and must know everything about your team, but Parcells doesn't call the plays. Our players are the ones who put games away not the coaching staff anyway. THat has to be a players mentality.
    To many penalties and missed blocks by the coaching staff. :rolleyes:
    What about the flea flicker. Coaches really blew that one as well.
  11. AbeBeta

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    Let's see - wet ball - yes, you want to throw the ball much more then. We ran the ball very well all game -- that our line couldn't get a good push on several short yardage situations is about execution. When you average 4.2 YPC and your QB isn't getting any protection, running plays are a good call.
  12. Rack Bauer

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    Quite possibly the biggest load of crap I've ever read on an internet message board.

    Tell me, since you seem to think you're an expert, what are these so-called "Right plays"?

  13. Rack Bauer

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    But were they they "Right plays"?

  14. JackMagist

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    It wasn't the players who called 4 running plays against 9 man fronts inside the 10 resulting in us coming away with 3 points on those two possessions. THAT was poor play calling.

    sure there were some players who had problems too but those we could have overcome. This last game was lost by the coaches. And even though Parcells doesn't call the plays he oversees the playcalling and can and does interject his overrides of the calls. And he oversees the game plan; He is ultimately responsible.
  15. DMX690

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    I agree, why don't have use the Texas Tech offensive gameplan and throw every down. :eek::
  16. Everlastingxxx

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    Many spelling errors...i like you. And yes Parcells is extremely conservative. Stuck in his ways...prepare for more.
  17. JackMagist

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    Play Action passes on either first or second down inside the 10 would have worked. They were biting so hard on the run someone had to be open. We only ran like 5 play action passes all game even though our running game was working. It is pointless to set up those plays and never call them.
  18. ravikaku

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    Im not crying about the playcall. Its just that the conservative playcall of when we have the ball towards the end of the game and then run 3 times in a row and not get anywhere and then we have to punt and give the other team a chance to come back has cost us. Why not just be aggresive and try to score again so then the defence can play without all the pressure on them and then we wouldnt have to talk about how our def losses it in the 4th quarter. Our def holds down everyone for most or all of the game. its just that if the offence could put more points on the board in the 2nd half if would be alot easier for the whole team.
  19. el_chevo

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    I agree, but I am doubtful this will happen. We have lost our best offensive tackle, and that will certainly influence Billy's play calling.
  20. Kilyin

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    Some people don't see the big picture. Running for 3 downs and punting is all part of the master plan Parcells has put in motion. He's intentionally losing games so as not to tip his hand to our upcoming opponents. The man is making sacrifices for the betterment of this team and here you are, questioning his authoritah.

    I mean, running the ball constantly was obviously the right thing to do, since it was raining and all. Nevermind the fact that Seattle got their only touchdown primarily from their passing game, you can't pass when it rains. Don't you know anything about football? Jeeze.

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