Bill Polian praises Morris Claiborne

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by hra8700, Dec 20, 2012.

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    Hi, I only just stumbled upon this. It's from a month ago, but searching the forums it hasn't been posted. Bill Polian made a list of players who have broken out this year as future cornerstones of their respective franchises, or "blue chip" players. Link:

    Here is his take on Morris Claiborne:

    6.) Morris Claiborne, CB, Dallas Cowboys
    Claiborne has ideal characteristics for a blue CB. He's tough, he can run, he can turn his hips, he has great instincts and ball skills, and while it will take a little while to grow due to nature of position and complexity of Rob Ryan's scheme, he's already flourishing. Even early, he has measured up to the challenges of the NFL. That's very unusual with corners. Sometimes when guys make the transition from college to the pros and have to match up against big, physical NFL receivers, they can't step up … or at least don't do it quickly. To me, Claiborne has made the single most impressive debut for a corner since Darrelle Revis. He's not Revis yet, and he's certainly not as strong as Revis physically, but they both play in a similar defensive system and both certainly can be game-changers.

    Also of note, Bill Polian puts Seattle rookie MLB Bobby Wagner (who Stephen Jones said we would have taken with our 2nd round pick) as being "on the cusp" of being a blue chip player. Also note, Michael Brockers (who we would have taken in the 1st) is playing at a very high level as well and already has 5 sacks in 11 games (pretty good considering everyone here was calling him Marcus Spears redux). It's funny to think that Morris Claiborne could end up a top 5 corner and we could end up regretting the move! Great job by our scouting department once again!
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    The thing about Claiborne is he is super raw. The guy is getting it done on pure athletic ability.
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    So exactly what technique flaws have you noticed?

    i know Jerome Henderson says you are wrong. He says that when Claiborne came in the best part was that he did not have to go over all of the technique issues that most young corners have.

    Should we put this with 'the linemen playing next to an OL does not effect that OL's game?'
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    Anytime you can pick up a top notch player at a premium position, you do it, and Mo fits that bill. Him and hopefully Tyron can be the cornerstones at premium positions for our future. People sleep on Mo cause he doesn't have the pick numbers yet, but as a young CB, they will come.

    Give any rookie CB as little help on the backend as Mo has had and he would look like a disaster. Mo is playing alot better than most give him credit for given his situation with our horrible safety play.
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    Mo needs to learn to cover the crossing routes better. He is getting better at it, but he was getting burned on them earlier in the season.
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    Crossing routes are the hardest route for anyone to cover. Left in a trail position.
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    While I remain cautiously optimistic about Ryan, I have to admit I'm not a fan of overly complex defenses,,,, especially when you're swapping out players right and left every year. Hopefully the roster will stabilize and the system will be solidly put in place.

    But this is really good to hear about Morris, from a layman's point of view it looked like he was just barely holding his own and we didn't get much bang for our buck.
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    Wagner has had a great season.
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    I think Claiborne has played well this year, but I have seen a few rookie mistakes from him. Things like turning hips too early before the receiver has committed to a route and I have seen him react a little slow to slants at times when he is playing 5 or so yards (not zone depth) off the receiver at the line. Overall though I think he has played quite well and the mistakes have been well below what I expected of him being his first season.

    I have said this for years. Kosier was a perfect example of an average offensive lineman who made those around him better. Back when he played next to Flozell Adams, Flozell was solid. When Kosier would get hurt, Flozell jumped offsides more often and he struggled to block his man. Last year, Kosier was moved over beside Tyron and we all know how well Tyon played.

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    Well, I'm a Cowboys fan... but I disagree. Casey Hayward is winning this rookie CB thing.
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    i concur.
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    Claiborne is going to be an elite player, I think playing CB in the NFL is extremely tough especially as a rookie.
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    There are very few opinions around the league I respect as much as Polian's.

    Good to read.
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    I think playing cornerback in the NFL is the single toughest position to play in all of sports.

    QB has more going on mentally but I don't think any position requires more of you physically than NFL CB.
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    The Brockers thing is funny. People draw conclusions of players based on height, weight and where they played college ball.

    I wasn't thrilled with moving up in the draft because it meant they skipped over one of Brockers or Cox, but Claiborne has been very good and should be a key player for this team over the next decade.
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    This is the same casey hayward that lost his starting job to davon house and then to sam shields?

    He excels at what he does (instincts, can diagnose plays, ball skills), but he's still primarily a zone corner.that doesnt offer much in terms of run support. Its not that he isnt an outstanding player its just that his skillset is far less valuable than a true man coverage corner.
  17. Deep_Freeze

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    Good to see positive thoughts from you on the position, especially one you give so much grief to.

    Brockers and Cox have both had decent rookie seasons, but neither would have played a premium position here. Any time you can move up into the top 10 and get a blue chip player at a premium position without giving up the farm, you do it.

    Crawford came in raw, but after this season of development he should come through in spades. Much rather develop players like him, and in the past Bowen, Canty, Hatch and such, then pick a 3-4 DE that high. Sure they are good to have, but unless he is JJ Watt great, he won't have the impact of a Mo.
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    Yet they don't matter. The contradiction has me concerned.
  19. perrykemp

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    Couple of things -- To say Casey Heyward "lost his starting job" isn't accurate. They Packers did, however, move him from the outside to the inside (slot corner, nickle safety -- whatever you want to call that position Charles Woodson has traditionally played) when Woodson was injured.

    I do agree with your premise, however, that Heyward isn't and will never a pure cover corner like Claiborne. He isn't that kind of athlete. What the Packers thought he could be and he is showing all the signs of being is the perfect player for that Charles Woodson nickel corner/safety/lb position that Woodson has been playing so successfully the past 6-7 years.

    So to summarize, while Heyward is a strong candidate for rookie of the year, he essentially plays a different position than Claiborne... Claiborne is a cover corner and Heyward that Charles Woodson hybrid role.
  20. jterrell

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    The truth is somewhere between you guys posts.

    Hayward has had a heck of a rookie season but he isn't starting in base sets. Woodson ALWAYS played every down.

    Saying Hayward is a Charles Woodson clone would be both untrue and unfair to him. Woodson is a top 5 CB the past decade who now plays safety. Hayward may turn into a Woodson of 2010 on but he isn't what Woodson has been at his best.

    I like guys with ball skills on my defense and Hayward plays the ball very well. He isn't a great man cover guy but if you sit him in a zone he will read plays and break on the ball.

    I'd love to have him here. But I wouldn't trade Mo for him. Mo can take away a WR, not just an area. And when a guy can play true man coverage it makes everything easier for 10 other players.

    The interesting thing is you can our player personnel dept getting it right in 2012. All the guys they were interested in for the earliest picks have played well.

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