News: Billick: Jones takes on too much in Dallas

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by DWhite Fan, Oct 10, 2012.

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    Brian Billick thinks Jerry holds too much control in Dallas...

    "...which is that every successful team in the NFL must have a system of checks and balances, recognizing that no one person can have all the answers in today’s multidimensional workplace that is the NFL. The Cowboys don’t have such a system. Instead, they’ve got Jerry."
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    What does Billick know?
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    No he doesn't. Jerry Jones is the general manager of the Dallas Cowboys. He makes the decisions. He has consistently failed to address the biggest weakness of this football team. The trenches.

    Right now we can't protect our quarterback, we can't open up running lanes for our running back which has turned us into a one dimensional football team and that one dimension isn't doing to well.

    On the defensive side we still can't get to the quarterback consistently. There's only one player who can really do it on a consistent basis. DeMarcus Ware. He's getting double and triple teamed every single week. He's basically a one man show out there. Someone else has to step. Play Crawford some more. What else do we have to lose? The other guys aren't getting it done.

    The secondary has been terrific for the most part, but again if the opposing quarterback has all day and a clean pocket to throw the football it doesn't matter who you have back there in the secondary. They're going to get torched. You saw that in the second half of the Chicago and Seattle games and as we start to play more explosive offenses you will continue to see it unless someone other than DeMarcus Ware starts applying pressure in the QB.

    Jerry seems to think you can just get by with being weak in the trenches if you have talented skilled position players and it doesn't work that way. Football is a physical sport. You will always need guys up front who can get the job done. Right now we simply don't.

    He overpaid for a cornerback and then drafted another one. All while he still had a starting caliber and very solid cornerback in Mike Jenkins. He could've used all that money he spent on Carr to improve the offensive line, but once again he failed to do so.
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    Yuh he's not a Football guy or anythang, like Jerrah.
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    way to pick the low hanging fruit brian
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    Spencer is out one week and everyone forgets about him.
  8. TheStar

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    Wow Brian...Ya Think?? This organization is run like an average company that should expect average results. 122-122.

    There ya go.
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    preaching to the choir....
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    I wonder what Jerry will do next year that makes us get all pumped up for the season while not addressing our O line issues?

    Perhaps sign a big time FA Safety? Or maybe draft a big time WR?

    He does it every year folks......gets the flashy player so we all declare Super Bowl and buy jerseys and we forget about the O line.
  11. WPBCowboysFan

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    No, no, no the O Line was addressed. The tackles switched sides. 2 G's were brought in . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . it was a roll of the dice for hope and change.

    :lmao2: :lmao2: :lmao2: :lmao2: :lmao2: :lmao2: :lmao2:
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    I'd add in that it would help if that one guy wearing all the hats would at least be legit and have some semblance of a clue of what he's doing.

    Some talent evaluation skills and actual respect for the position of head coach would be nice too.

    But yeah, the problem is Jerry. That's been true since the dynasty was destroyed.
  13. Risen Star

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    Hey, when you make the kind of commitment to improve like signing a bad cast off starter from Cincinnati and a career backup in Carolina, while retaining the worst starting C in team history....and it still doesn't work out? Well, you're just snakebitten.
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    Easy, he will hire Billick as the HC and win 3 or 4 SBs in the next 8 years. Does that pump you up?
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    You know, it really is astounding.

    We had one bad year of special teams play. Afterwards, Jerry hired a new co-ordinator and spent an entire draft on special teams.

    We had one poor year of secondary play. Afterwards, Jerry spent 50 million on Carr and traded two premium picks to move up and get Claiborne.

    We've had year after year of piss poor OL play...and Jerry does nothing.

    This guy has proven time and time again that he's the king of overreaction, yet when it comes to the one position group where it might pay to overreact (you could easily argue we need 4 new starters and new depth behind each starter)...

    He. Does. Nothing.
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    Good read

    This Sunday in Baltimore, we’ll see two of the league’s marquee franchises facing off against each other, in a contrast of both football and management styles.

    Since 1996 the Dallas Cowboys have had eight quarterbacks, six head coaches and a single playoff win.

    The Baltimore Ravens began their franchise the same year, and have had the same number of quarterbacks, but only half as many coaches and have celebrated 12 playoff wins and a Super Bowl trophy during that period.

    What’s the difference? It’s not the market. Dallas is a much larger and more lucrative market than Baltimore, which finds itself hemmed in between Washington and Philadelphia. It’s not commitment to winning — both franchises are obsessed with the pursuit of excellence in the hypercompetitive environment that is the NFL in 2012.
  17. casmith07

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    Another case of if you say it enough times loud enough, people will believe it.
  18. CyberB0b

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    Aren't the Bengals the only other team with an owner/GM? Jerry has to spend too much time on opening Victoria's Secrets, rapping on Papa John's commercials, and other buffoonery that isn't related to success on the football field.
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    I know this is like throwing gas on the fire, but figured this article by Brian Billick might be interesting to some:

    article continues here
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    :laugh2: is that what you do? Tell yourself everything is moving in the right direction, that 122-122, 17 years, and so on is just a myth?

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