Bills Owner Ralph Wilson passes away

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Mar 25, 2014.

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    I grew up in Western New York and moved to Buffalo for school in 92, lived here since. I was born a Cowboys fan but have always kept tabs on the Bills. I drove by the stadium last night. It was late, barely snowing. There were 10 plus cars loitering in the parking lot doing the same as I, looking at the single light that had been turned on for Mr. Wilson. It was pretty surreal.

    I don't follow the Bills with any kind of serious passion but I do follow them and like to see when they do well. The city is alive when the Bills and Sabres are doing well. Buffalo is a drinking town with a sports problem (you read that correctly). This city will explode when one of those two teams wins a championship someday. Wilson was a good owner, loyal to the end to Western New York and not cheap like some outside perception sometimes gives. One of the last of the old guard for sure.

    Between his passing, the news of Jim Kelly and the more brutal than normal winter we've had the city and fans have been punched in the gut and then kicked. Feels like a standing eight count.

    I hope the Bills get a super bowl win someday. Just would love to see it for this long as it is not against us. Against the Eagles would be fantastic.

    RIP Ralph.
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    Golisano is likely going to make a push to buy the team and keep it in NY where it belongs.

    Unfortunately, I think Kelly is one of the ones who was working with him to make that happen. I seriously worry that the Bills are going to move.

    One thing I wish would happen, is that Wilson's family chooses to go public with the company, much like the Packers. That woudl be the smartest way to keep them in Buffalo, I think.

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