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    MIAMI GARDENS, Fla. - If there is one day in the NFL year when we ought to be free of worrying about Donovan McNabb and the Eagles, it should be Super Bowl Sunday. Alas, such is not the case.

    We've had reports from ESPN folk who apparently have too much time on their hands, with their network not doing the game. Adam Schefter says multiple teams have asked the Birds about all three of their quarterbacks and three teams have called about Michael Vick. Sal Paolantonio added that three teams - Cleveland, Denver and Buffalo - have had multiple conversations with the Eagles about Donovan McNabb.

    Don't know the exact teams myself, but I understand there have been a lot of calls, many of them not about any QB in particular, just letting the Eagles know Team X is interested, should they look to deal any of their three. I'm also told nothing is anywhere close to happening, that all of the queries have been preliminary.

    This last point cannot be overemphasized. NOTHING IS ANYWHERE CLOSE TO HAPPENING.

    As you know, Andy Reid has indicated McNabb will be the Eagles' QB in 2010, and McNabb has said this is his strong understanding, as well. Vick has said he would like to go somewhere where he could start, and a few days ago down at South Beach, McNabb endorsed that idea. Kevin Kolb has said he'd like to start, but is a team player, and so forth.

    The Vick-to-St. Louis speculation makes a lot of sense to me.

    A source close to the situation thinks at least half a dozen teams ultimately will inquire about Kolb - including Cleveland, where Tom Heckert, of course, is now the GM, working under Reid's mentor, Mike Holmgren. Almost any team looking to draft a QB this season would be smart to look into Kolb, who presumably wouldn't need several years of training to take over. This is not a great quarterback draft; if Kolb came out this year, he'd almost certainly be a first-rounder. Of course, with McNabb heading toward his 12th season and not under contract after 2010, trading Kolb would be quite a gamble for the Birds.
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    McNabb would make Denver very good.

    I see Vick going to St. Louis.
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    I will put money on BOTH McNabb and Vick being traded.

    Kolb will start for Philly next year.
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    I agree.

    Every time I watched the Bronco's play, I thought to myself that that team was an innacurrate QB who chokes under pressure away from being very good.
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    i'd be happy to see kolb moving on. i think he'll do very well and i'd rather it wasn't there

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