Birthdays on game day

Discussion in 'Members Zone' started by TheSkaven, Dec 11, 2016.

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    Has anyone ever celebrated a birthday on game day at the stadium? I am going to the Tampa game next weekend and, well being a guy, after I bought the tickets I realized it is my wife's birthday.

    She's a big fan though and would love to do something special for her at the game (arranged beforehand).

    Anyone ever done it?
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    My favorite birthday was my 35th on January 31st, 1993.

    Super Bowl XXVII.......the first one for the 90's team, versus Buffalo.

    I had a case of Heineken. I had a double family order from The Smokehouse, a top ten rated barbecue place at the time according to the Texas Quarterly. I had some of the baddest, mindblowing, top don't need to know about that.

    I only invited one guy for the game, my best friend, I decided I would find a crowd later....assuming the Cowboys won, of course. If not, then my birthday is demoted all the way down from first to worst. Anyway, I can't watch a Cowboy game with a crowd, my behavior during a game can become somewhat anti-social, you might say.

    In fact, I kicked out my best friend right after the Bills scored on their 2nd possession following a blocked punt by Saxon that gave them the ball on the Cowboy 15 or something like that. I remember Haley getting to Kelly on 3rd and goal but the sack was wiped out by a holding penalty. When the Bills scored 4 plays later my best friend made the fatal mistake of suggesting the Cowboys were going to lose because they were too young and inexperienced. He said they were going to choke.

    Hey, after I kicked him out, the Cowboys got a lot better and won 52-17. So, after that I considered him a trespasser during any Cowboy game. Who needed friends anyway? The Cowboys were champions!

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