Blackmon posts sub-4.50 40s at Oklahoma State pro day

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Doomsday101, Mar 9, 2012.

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    Yep. He plays pissed off and it gives him that crazy, angry extra gear.
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    If you watched Blackmon play, you'd know he's far and away the best WR in this class. We're not comparing Blackmon to TO as athletes, we're just saying that their ability to pick up yards after the catch is comparable.
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    Do they run with jetpacks on at pro days? I'm sure with all the NFL teams there, they can get a pretty accurate time. If you're adding .1 to his time at his pro day, why not add that to the combine times?
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    That is what I thought. He plays mad.
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    There is a lot more space to do that in the Big 12.

    We'll see what he can do with his average physical ability in the NFL.
  6. realtick

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    Catch, where are you getting this "average" athletic ability from?

    4.48-4.5 speed
    35" vertical
    14 bench press
    10'4" broad jump

    Those aren't all-world, but hardly "average" numbers for a bigger WR.
  7. jterrell

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    He has well above average physical ability.
    Anyone who watched him play knows that.
    He absolutely torched draftable CBs and safeties.
    He put up two stellar years of football and was simply a monster.

    Stanford has a pretty good defense but he ate them alive.

    He was 100 yards + EVERY game of his 2010 season.
    He scored 40 TDs in his career.

    I can understand he may have a little Crabtree in him and that you wouldn't draft him early but saying he has "average" athletic ability is just silly.

    His 40 time was very solid accor4ding to every report I read and even if you discount that his vert and broad jump numbers are also strong.
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    Being an OSU season ticket holder and a guy that travels to almost every game (missed 5 total games the last 4 years including home/road/bowl games), I feel pretty comfortable talking about both Blackmon and Dez.

    They are about the same speed. People talk about Dez outrunning folks and never being caught from behind, the same can be said about Blackmon. He's faster than most give him credit for and he played against some really good DBs over the last couple years and had success against them all.

    They both have great hands. Dez is a more natural pass catcher and his hands are some of the biggest that I've ever had the pleasure of shaking (his hands wrapped around mine like I was a 5 year old). However Justin does a better job of concentrating on the ball in traffic than does Dez. Where they have their drops is slightly different. With Dez, you will get drops when he's in traffic and bodies are flying around. With Blackmon, he never drops those, his drops happen in open field when he loses concentration and is looking to turn things up field.

    Aggressiveness at getting the ball. Again, very similar. Dez is taller and has a bigger vertical. Just throwing the ball up and letting him go get it was a big part of the offense. It worked and he was unstoppable. Blackmon doesn't have the same physical skill set, but his body control is just as good and he has a better understanding of how to create space and attack the football.

    Blackmon runs better routes than Dez. I've heard it said that he really is a stickler for being precise and he doesn't show his hand going into and out of breaks. We all know this isn't a strong point of Dez. He's unafraid, but just a little better route running and more work on masking his moves could make him the best in the NFL.

    As a punt returner, Dez was fantastic, Blackmon wasn't. Dez has better agility. Which translates into better being able to make the first guy miss.

    Blackmon is the more consistent. Dez was and is a quandry that just doesn't show up for stretches at a time.

    Blackmon doesn't have the baggage of Dez. Dez' issue that got him suspended for the year by the NCAA was really not a huge character flag, but he continues to put himself in positions that none of us wish he would. Doesn't make him a bad guy, but you have to wonder about his lack of willingness or ability to keep out of the media. Blackmon had one incident and it also wasn't a character flag. However Blackmon is a guy that loves doing community service work like visiting kids in hospitals, etc. and I think will probably continue this. This doesn't make him a better football player, but these guys are more than just gladiators, they are the image of the brand and Blackmon is better suited for that.

    If I were an owner going to spend a gazillion dollars on one of the two of them, I'd give it to Blackmon. Doesn't mean that he's got more potential, but I feel I have a better idea what I'll get for my money. He's the safer play.

    David Harrell - Pokes
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    I think that's a pretty fair and accurate take of the two.

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