News: Blame falls on Jones -- not the system

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Mr Cowboy, Feb 26, 2014.

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    PHILADELPHIA -- The best news from the NFL combine, at least as far as the [SIZE=+0]Philadelphia Eagles[/SIZE] are concerned, might have come from the mouth of Jerry Jones.

    The owner/general manager of the [SIZE=+0]Dallas Cowboys[/SIZE] told reporters that NFL realities make it impossible for his franchise to make a major change in direction.

    “You can't do what I did in 1989 because of the contracts and cap," Jones said Monday, [SIZE=+0]according to’s Todd Archer[/SIZE]. "The system automatically creates about a third turnover, but it also creates contractually for clubs a situation where you cannot just strip it. You couldn't even field a team with the hits against your cap by canceling the contracts."

    If the chief decision-maker of their chief division rival feels constrained by the NFL system, that is very good news for the Eagles. Good because it means the Cowboys are more likely to remain trapped in a cycle of 8-8 finishes. News because the Eagles themselves just demonstrated that it is not only possible to tear things up and start over, but it is easier in the NFL than in any other major American sports league.
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    How did the Eagles tear it up. They hired a new coach, they had the same players. I think that's what Jones is saying, that you just can't go get players and release players like they did from 89-93.
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    You can if you structure the contracts right, know when to get rid of players and not hold on to the past (Ware), don't overpay for a small percentage of your roster (Romo, Witten, Ware, Scandrick, Austin), keep your roster young, and quit restructuring players past their serviceable years.

    Jones does sound like the current NFL system is constraining him. It also sounds to me like Jones does not know how to handle the current state of the NFL.

    Now if he would only get a clue and hire a GM that does know how to mange it . . . . .
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    I'm pretty sure without looking that the Cowboys have had more turnover in the last 3 years than the Eagles. The biggest change they made last year was getting a QB that didn't turn the ball over. I guess they have to be the bandwagon this year since the wheels fell of in Washington after their miraculous 10-6 season.
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    I must have missed something.
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    Does that mean if he could blow it up he would?
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    Right. This quote from the article is crap:

    The principle rings true, but they didn't tear anything down, like you mentioned. They got a face lift. And depending on how the team drafts under the Kelly regime they may or may not have created more problems for themselves (they were getting a nice stream of talent under Reid) remains to be seen.

    The rest of it is pretty true. Jerry is to blame. Yes, we can blow it up, suck for a year and turn everything around again just like in '89. Probably not to the same extent because no one is going to make the mistake of a Herschel Walker trade again because of the cap. But you can still turn it around. Just have to swallow your pride and do the right thing, Jerry.
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    Probably not. I look at it as his preemptive strike on why he won't blow it up (because he "can't").

    In reality, the article nails it. It's his fault they're in the tough position and he's too stubborn and proud to make the right calls.
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    Can someone tell exactly what Jones did in '89 other than bring in Jimmy to build a team?

    I don't seem to recall him doing much after that.
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    it puts a premium on drafting, and teams that have seen success, have hit on a couple of stars in lower rounds.

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