News: Blame for Cowboys New Issue Clear

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by cowboyjoe, Sep 24, 2013.

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    Blame for Cowboys New Issue Clear
    Posted by Steven Van Over at Tuesday, September 24, 2013
    Padawan Lett learning from Master Yoda Marinelli
    Sometimes the picture doesn't need Photoshop. You look at it and the item that is different, the miss-step is readily obvious. That is the case this time and responsibility for the event is clear as a bell. There is no denying it. The proof is really, unassailable once laid out and considered. As much as it pains me to write this (can't claim arthritis, weather is fine today) I have to admit that one aspect of Jerry's master plan, to deal with team deficiencies by hiring superior coaches, is actually bearing tangible, measurable fruit. In Kiffin's scheme, Rod Marinelli is able to take players off the NFL scrap heap and "coach em up" to a level where they are viable parts of a winning line. Not just "ok", but productive parts of a dangerous unit.
    Everyone's longtime favorite Cowboys Nick Hayden, Jerome Long, David Carter, Caesar Rayford, Edgar Jones and George Selvie are the proof. We don't have to point at Hatcher and state "wow, he is having a great year, must be coaching!" Nor are we looking at DeMarcus Ware and noting his incredible camp and start to the season. Everyone knows those are two talented guys. It's nice to see them responding so quickly in a first year system, but these two were going to do well as a minimum. We also don't have to point to one guy, say George Selvie and make a leap of faith to assume that the coaching is what got us that "one" guy. Nope, I'm talking about six players that were not on any pundit or fans radar on draft day, free agent day or ground hog day. Not one, but (count 'em) six. One is luck. Two is really lucky. Three is the beginning of a trend. Four is very hard to explain. Five is a fi****l and six is a new reality. Six means this is not smoke and mirrors. Six is a number that allows you to slap the "legitimate" label on the whole exercise.
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    Long was cut. But your point taken just down to 5 not 6
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    Hopefully, Nevis gets us back to 6.

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