News: Bleacher Report: Dallas Cowboys Should Go to Church on Sunday

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    Dallas Cowboys Should Go to Church on Sunday

    By Christian Blood

    The 2010 Dallas Cowboys will go down as one of the most disappointing teams in franchise history. Never mind the pre-season idea that this team could play in Super Bowl XLV in their own stadium. Forget the 50th anniversary mumbo-jumbo.

    The reasons for this near historic collapse or misguided idea are lengthy. Call it an ineffective head coach, now gone. Point to the less than stellar offensive philosophy and playbook brought forth by the the interim head coach. Obviously the all but season ending injury to the starting quarterback did not help.

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    Church on Sunday never hurt anyone, except for opposing offenses, I hope. :D

    But Church at SS is an ill fit. The SS in this D is responsible for covering the slot & TEs, that is Church's biggest weakness. Let him play FS and play downhill instead.

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