Bleacherreport: Breaking Down The Offensive Linemen

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by CCBoy, Feb 5, 2011.

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    Top draft heavy, but interesting review...this article, addresses the offensive lineman choice. The author, Derek Major, was a graduate of a Texas school and is developing his career choice in sports reporting. He is up and coming as such...and film is added as well.

    Dallas Cowboys 2011 Mock Draft: Breaking Down The Offensive Linemen
    By Derek Major (Cowboys Featured Columnist) on February 2

    Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images Last week we took a look at cornerbacks that will be available at the #9 spot for the Cowboys. This week we'll take a look at offensive linemen who always seem to creep the draft board as the draft approaches,and just like the past few drafts, there could be a lot of linemen going in the first round.

    The Cowboys offensive line had their ups and downs last season, but with four of the five lineman over the age of 30, the Cowboys will need to insert some new blood before it gets too late.

    I'd like to thank Aaron Aloysius of for the video clips....

    (offensive linemen, at the top of the draft)
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    I love how they have a picture of a USC lineman on the Derrick Sherrod blurb.

    Of that bunch, Sherrod's the only guy I'd want to take at 9, though I'd consider it a bit of a reach.
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    I suppose the site standard is a touch lax...and the author still young in the process somewhat.

    But plenty of thought provoking in the work itself...and I like what was presented as to a potential center in the draft.
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    Mississippi State gets no respect.
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    I would take smith at 15-20 if we traded down IF he was being groomed to be our LT and move Free to RT. Smith will never have the heft and bulk to be a road grader = which is a consideration for RT. Free did very well indeed at RT. The biggest worry about Smith is if he cannot gain and keep the weight on (Remember Al Johnson-had the same problem and ended up using roids to try and gain weight since he was unable to keep it on by the end of the season). Now Smith is young- but he also has been in one of the best weight programs in the country at USC. Common talk on the USC boards was that he was supposedly losing weight at the end of the season.
    Smith is a great athlete; fast and quick and has a non stop motor. The only question is his size.
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    Buyer beware...........

    Some guys have the frame and metabolism to put on Solder who was 240 entering Colorado.

    Other guys can never put on a pound........Manny Lawson, Al Johnson.

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