Bledsoe and Glenn

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by kjistheman, Dec 5, 2005.

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    It is just me or did it seem like Bledsoe would constantly lock on to Glenn yesterday? I know that he had very little time to throw, so he didnt really have time to scan the field. Mabye its the play calling, but it seemed like his favoritism toward Glenn hurt us. He was constantly looking for the deep throw to Glenn instead of hitting Keyshawn or Witten on a short-medium route. Also there were time where he just threw it up for Glenn. If Bledsoe is going to just throw it up, i would prefer he give 6'4" Keyshawn a jump ball rather than 5'11" Terry Glenn. Key usually has 4-5 inches on the CB, glenn usually has no height advantadge. I know Key isnt the fastest WR but hes a beast in terms of fighting for the ball, glenn is better at getting open with his speed. Im just saying if your going to throw to someone who is covered, throw to Key, not glenn. Bledsoe's favorite target is glenn (which isnt a bad thing, because hes probably our best wr), but sometimes (like against the giants) i think this hurts us. This isnt why we lost the game, its just something i noticed. Anyyone agree?

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