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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by kirkjrk, May 20, 2013.

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    Looking forward to two players, in OTA's, that can compete for the blocking TE if the team decides to go that way. Paul Freedman from Virginia and Andre Smith from Virg. Tech. appears to really be good at the point of attack and the bonus is they can catch the ball. Smith played with Danny Coale. To me they both have lots of potential with fairly high upside. Freedman was used as FB at times, not sure if Smith was used in that way. Smith is considered a real good ST player--former defensive player.

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    I think they are going to look at guys on the street during TC.
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    I agree. Don't see the going with a 2nd year player and 2 rookies if they go with 4 TEs.
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    Why wouldn't these guys qualify for off the street? Possibly you meant vets on the street, but did not say as such.
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    They mentioned Colin Cochart on Cowboys Break today as a guy that might win a blocking TE job and knock the FB off the squad.
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    Cochart has impressive measureables including 29 bench reps.

    Freedman is really slow with only 11 bench reps. They could move a quick OLineman to TE like Kevin Kowalski who has much better athleticism than Freedman.

    Cochart, Colin 6-4 258 Year: 3
    Smith, Andre 6-5 267 Year: 1
    Freedman, Paul 6-5 273 Year: R

    Colin Cochart
    Height: 6043
    Weight: 255
    40 Yrd Dash: 4.69
    20 Yrd Dash: 2.72
    10 Yrd Dash: 1.59
    225 Lb. Bench Reps: 29
    Vertical Jump: 35
    Broad Jump: 09'10"
    20 Yrd Shuttle: 4.20
    3-Cone Drill: 6.95

    Andre Smith
    Height: 6043
    Weight: 270
    40 Yrd Dash: 4.78
    20 Yrd Dash: 2.83
    10 Yrd Dash: 1.71
    225 Lb. Bench Reps: 22
    Vertical Jump: 33 1/2
    Broad Jump: 09'11"
    20 Yrd Shuttle: 4.30
    3-Cone Drill: 7.13

    Freedman, Paul
    Height: 6055
    Weight: 275
    40 Yrd Dash: 5.26
    20 Yrd Dash: 3.10
    10 Yrd Dash: 1.90
    225 Lb. Bench Reps: 11
    Vertical Jump: 25 1/2
    Broad Jump: 08'02"
    20 Yrd Shuttle: 4.77
    3-Cone Drill: 7.89

    Kevin Kowalski
    Height: 6032
    Weight: 300
    40 Yrd Dash: 5.04
    20 Yrd Dash: 2.91
    10 Yrd Dash: 1.71
    225 Lb. Bench Reps:
    Vertical Jump: 27 1/2
    Broad Jump: 08'04"
    20 Yrd Shuttle: 4.56
    3-Cone Drill: 7.15
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    Cowboys like them some shuttle and 3-cone.

    They have been valuing those scores above other teams. I am curious to see if it pans out on the field.
  8. Eskimo

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    Yes, I have noticed that as well.

    A lot of players on this team also have pretty good 10-yard splits on their 40 yard dash.

    For example, Kyle Wilber ran 1.60 which is faster than Ware.

    Alex Albright had a killer shuttle and 3-cone. They were almost at typical CB level. If you look on the field, everyone was surprised at how good he looked last year filling in when Lee and Carter went down and how he seemed to keep up to players faster than him even though his 40 was only 4.85. He was also a guy with a decent 10-yard split.

    It almost seems as they go out of their way to avoid player with great 40s - maybe they think they become overvalued for it. But we have a ton of players with great shuttles, 3cones and verticals, too.
  9. SilverStarCowboy

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    :laugh1: How many catches did Kowalski make at the combine.
  10. xwalker

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    He caught all balls thrown to him. No drops.

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