Blogging the boys: practice details

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Angus, Jul 30, 2006.

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    You really need to get over that UDFA stuff.

    Romo came in Parcells first year when he was being told that he had 2 solid QB's on the team in Quincy and Hutch (so they lied to him). I heard Jerry in a press conference say that he and Parcells wanted to draft Romo in the 4th round and were surprised that he had fallen that far but at the time they felt they had more pressing needs. Then when he kept falling they played a hunch that he might fly under the radar and took the gamble. They both were excited to see him fall out of the draft and jumped on him as soon as the draft ended. So even though he went undrafted he was rated on our board as a 3rd round talent. We just got lucky with him falling like he did.
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    How did I know that post was coming!!! :laugh2:
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    Nice to see Sean Ryan do something. I think this is a make/break year for him...especially with Pierce out.
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    Sounds like canty had a good day, im a lot more confident in him then spears. Still, I think him and spears will be our ends for atleast 5-7 seasons.
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    Sorry, I don't buy this for a second. We had him rated as a 3rd round talent and then just watched him fall through the entire draft? No way, no how. If you have heard that from someone it is revisionist history.
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    Its possible. YOU DO REMEMBER how pathetic our talent level was back then?
    We had a lot of needs, and they gambled that he would fall. He did. Sometimes you win those gambles, sometimes you lose.
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    You might do that with a 5th round talent, you don't do that with a 3rd round talent. If you want to say they thought about drafting Romo but passed and were glad to get him afterward, THAT I can believe, but to say you saw him going in the 3rd and then just watched him drop free, I don't buy that.
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    I'm glad I found this for you. Grizz, the author of the report is a member of this board. He is the one who deserves plaudits. Apparently, there is more to come.
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    Now this is what I call superior reporting. Great job! Keep up the great work!
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    0 Likes Received thats a camp report!!!!:bow:

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