Bloggingthe Training Camp Part 5

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Fla Cowpoke, Jul 31, 2006.

  1. JPM

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    I really hope we see this in a game this year.
  2. America's Team

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    yeah but I read really fast and sometimes I dont register that kinda stuff
  3. superpunk

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    Hells yeah. Keep the pure coverage safeties deep and allow Roy free roam in the middle of the field. That sounds like a beautiful thing.
  4. VACowboy

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    Great stuff, Grizz! Your reports are the highlight of my day!

    It sounds like Crayton is picking up where he left off last year and improving. Watkins has me psyched. If he plays like he seems to be practicing, he'll be starting on the 10th of September. Sounds to me like the playmaker we've been craving at the FS position.

    We haven't heard much about Ware, though. Is he just not standing out at all?

    Thanks for the tremendous material you bring us, Grizz. It's hugely appreciated. :bow:
  5. Sam I Am

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    I love this stuff. When I lived in Dallas I watched every second of TV that talked about the camp and listen to the radio almost 24/7 and I feel I get more information now that I'm here in NY...
  6. RCowboyFan

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    Great job Grizz, nice reports.

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